What Are The Top 5 Industries That Benefit From a .in Domain Name?

India is a growing market. Many businesses and industries are flourishing in India and bringing new opportunities. If you are planning to start your Business in India, then Buying a .in Domain Name can be the best choice.

India is a diverse country, and many religions live together. This diversity helps every Business to target a variety of consumers. These various customer profile allows Business to focus more on the respected sector. And they all contribute to India’s GDP. 

In fact, despite of pandemic, India’s GDP rate in 7.3% in FY 2022-21(in Times of India Report). According to Worldbank Report, In Q3 2022, India’s GDP Rate was 6.5%. Some other reports forecast GDP Rate of India will be more than 8% in FY2021-22.

UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade And Development) expects that in 2022 Indian Economy will Grow by 5.7%. And in Financial Year 2022, GDP will grow at the rate of 8.7%. In 2022.

This is the right time. Every Business wants to get the best out of it. You want to take advantage of the opportunity to expand your Business in India. Registering for .in can help you take advantage of this opportunity. 

In this article, we will discuss the industries that benefited from .in and the benefits of using it. So let’s begin with discussing the benefits of using .in Extension.

What Are The Good Things About .in Domain?

Does .in Extension help you to target local audiences efficiently?

The most common answer is, Yes .in Extension helps you to target a local audience. Businesses Buy .in Domain to target Indian consumers. It is only possible because .in boosts your local presence and helps improve credibility among Indian Consumers. Result of that, your Business will get greater recognition. 

Top 3 things that make .in the best domain extension in India –

  • Enhance Local Visibility and Market Your Website

This is the first and most common benefit of .in Extension. As mentioned earlier, .in helps Businesses to target Indian consumers, which enhances your website’s local visibility and markets it. It boosts the credibility and reputation of your website, which increases traffic.

  • .in Makes Your Website Easy to Recognize

As I mentioned earlier, .in Extension boosts the local visibility of your website. .in is a short and easy-to-remember Domain Name. It helps the user and potential customers to recognize your website easily.

  • Save Budget

For a growing business, it is very important to invest money wisely. The domain name defines your Business. Top TLD (.com) can help you target a global audience, but it costs you a lot. At the same time, .in Domain Price in India is very low. You can Buy a .in Domain at 20-30% less than Top TLDs like .com Domains.

  • Example

    • Hostbillo Hosting Solution offers a .in extension at 7.48$ while a .com Domain comes at 9.67$ per year.

.in Extension offers a lot more benefits than other TLDs in India. It improves SERP rankings and increases organic traffic.

5 Industries That Benefited From .in Domain Registration

5 Industries That Benefited From .in Domain Registration

.in Extension works for all industries. Let’s discuss the top 5 industries that benefited from Registring a .in. The industries are;

  • Food & Beverages

A strong online presence always attracts more customers, which brings new business opportunities. These days peoples are more dependent on phones, they discover newer options through online recommendations. Restaurants Buy .in Domain, so it can help users to find delicious and authentic Indian cuisine. Especially attracts tourist who wants to enjoy authentic Indian food. 

If you offer online orders and delivery, No matter whether your restaurant is big or small .in Extension will help your customer to find it easily.

  • Real Estate

After the pandemic, so many things are changes, and people don’t want to go outside to check real estate properties. Real estate companies are investing time and money into building a website that offers a great user experience. Real estate website displays properties with 360-degree angle views, photographs, and videos. It helps the user to check properties from anywhere. 

Using .in Extension in India is the best way to bring more customers to the website for a real estate business owner.

  • HealthCare

Consumer behaviour is changing, and now they are more concerned about their health. These days Hospitals offer online appointments and live consultations. Moreover, medicines are also delivered online. It is a more effective and convenient way for consumers and hospitals. Hospitals register a .in extension to access more consumers and help patients.

  • Architecture

A well-crafted and structured website is important for the design-oriented field. It helps them showcase their milestone and portfolios to build customer trust. Design-oriented website purchase .in Domain to impress local consumers. It conveys to users that you are easy to connect and reach, and most importantly, you offer the best architect service.

  • Advertising

In today’s digital world Indian advertising industry is flourishing, and most businesses find success with the help of digital marketing. This is why they are spending more on online advertisement.

India’s advertising market is huge. Considering that advertisers Buy a .in Domain to expand their Business.

Buy .in Domain at Cheap Price in India With Hostbillo. 

Domain names are not just the names of websites or email addresses, they are online identities. If you are planning to expand your Business in India, .in is best for getting more customers. Hostbillo Hosting Solution offers Domain Registration and Web Hosting services at the lowest price. 

Don’t hesitate or wait, expand your Business with .in Extension today. .in Domain comes at a cheap price. It only costs you 7.48$ for the first year. Hostbillo also offers some exciting benefits with Domain registration. The benefits are

  • Custom Nameserver
  • Free ID Protection
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Free DNS Management
  • Domain Theft Protection


Whether your business is small or medium, To get a position in Indian Market, your website should end with .in. It will make it easy for you to reach the top of online Business. To summarise this article, if you are looking to target the local market more efficiently at a cheap price, then .in Extension is the best choice. 

And all the big industries like Food and beverage, Real estate, Architecture, Healthcare, advertising, IT, and many more. All prefer .in to get into the top businesses in India. Hostbillo offer .in Domain at cheap price in India. You get an extra edge over your competitors at an affordable price, and you can beat them in the long run.  

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