There are plenty of things to keep an eye out for in the world of crypto news today. For example, you might want to read about the Aave DAO’s vote to incorporate Chainlink PoR in their token sale. Or you might want to look into how Trust Wallet Token (FTX) is doing.

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Dogeliens is a new crypto project. It is a DeFi platform that leverages the power of the Binance Smart Chain. This community-driven project will use DAO governance models.

Aside from being a social platform, Dogeliens will provide users with a range of benefits. They will be able to mint non-fungible tokens, collect and share reward, and take advantage of the BNB Chain. In addition, Dogeliens will provide users with hypercompetitive features.

As a part of the project, Dogeliens will make weekly charity donations. Dogeliens will also create educational videos. These will provide lessons on various topics.

Dogeliens will also create an online academy where users can learn about the DeFi space. The academy will include general lessons as well as specific lessons on NFTs and Metaverse.


Binance, a crypto exchange, is in the headlines like never before. The company has gone from being a relative unknown to a major player. It has also become a target for scrutiny from regulators. There is evidence of a criminal investigation, as well as allegations that Binance is violating anti-money laundering regulations.

According to Reuters, Binance has been under scrutiny from several governments, including the US. While the company has moved its headquarters to Malta, Paris, and Dubai, the company has not yet provided details of its corporate structure or finances.

Among the most notable changes is that the company has hired Roberto Gonzalez, a lawyer who formerly worked at Paul Weiss. Previously, Binance was operating on a shoestring budget, according to a company spokeswoman.

Terra Classic (LUNC)

The Terra Classic (LUNC) has been enjoying a resurgence of late in light of increased support from both the community and established entities. This rally has come in tandem with Binance’s announcement to burn 50% of trading fees on their platform, which is expected to boost LUNC’s price Crypto News Today.

One could argue that this is a bullish sign, as Binance and other exchanges will be more likely to adopt a new token if it has a proven track record of promoting and supporting one. However, the same cannot be said for the LUNC itself.

Its LUNC has been struggling to find its place since the start of the year. After core developers Edward Kim and Tobias Anderson left the Terra Rebels volunteer developer group, the token tanked. Luckily, the community did not go down without a fight.

Trust Wallet Token price

Trust Wallet is a microtechhub that allows users to buy, sell, and exchange crypto assets. They currently support more than four million digital assets.

The company also offers a range of features including a native wallet, an optional layer of security, and an easy to use interface. As Trust Wallet continues to add new features, the potential for growth is considerable. Crypto News Today

The company’s current token is the Trust Wallet Token (TWT). The company launched in late 2017 and uses a BEP-20 token standard. Currently, TWT has an initial supply of 90,000,000 tokens. It is available for purchase through exchange platforms.

The TWT price is currently a little over $2.23. However, there are several factors that can impact the value of this crypto. These include technological developments, market forces, and the rate of adoption.

Aave DAO votes to integrate Chainlink PoR

The decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) Aave has voted to integrate Chainlink Proof of Reserve smart contract. This proof of reserve will protect the bridged assets of the Aave network.

Token bridges are a way of moving value across the blockchain. This move is secured by the smart contract on the home chain, but the cloned asset is issued on the target chain. As such, token bridges have been used frequently by hackers.

Aave is one of the most popular decentralized finance DAOs on the Ethereum platform. Unlike centralized exchanges, which rely on banks to carry out their transactions, Aave uses a proof of reserve approach to safeguard its bridged assets.

FTX’s solvency

The FTX exchange collapse has a number of interesting ties to the wider digital asset ecosystem. One is owner Sam Bankman-Fried, who is also a hedge fund manager. He has rescued a number of troubled companies over the years.

FTX is not a public company, but its equity is worth $32 billion. It’s one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. However, it has suffered financially in recent years.

Last month, FTX announced its intention to file for bankruptcy. After the announcement, a number of investors rushed to pull funds out of the exchange. This prompted the exchange to make an interesting move. They loned billions of dollars to an affiliated trading firm. Crypto News Today

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