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MBBS in China is a popular international educational choice. Students from over the world and notably in Pakistan rush to Top Medical Universities in China. MBBS in China is a dream come true for many students. The prominent colleges in China offer top-grade medical education to suitable candidates. You can turn your dream of studying medical education with our guidance.

We are happy to give you effective advice on an international medical career. To apply for the MBBS program in China, the applicants will have to achieve at least 70% in PCB. Else, the candidates must score 200 on MDCAT. MBBS courses in China are pocket-friendly, so students may easily pay the tuition. The applicants may have to face an annual expense of $4000 to $5000 to study medicine at Top Medical Universities in China.

Furthermore, the medical colleges in China are recognized by WHO and PMC. Several global medical bodies and PMC approve more than 25 medical universities in China. Once the degree is complete, the Pakistani students will have to clear the PMC exit- exam to start practicing in Pakistan as a doctor. If you are enthusiastic to study medicine at a foreign university, apply for MBBS courses in China.

The benefits of studying MBBS in China are manifold

Medical Courses in China

Duration of MBBS in China

Eligibility Criteria in China

Recognition of Universities

Fee Structure 2023-24

MBBS in China briefly

Degree MBBS Intake for MBBS in China


Duration of MBBS in China

5 to 6 Years

Eligibility for MBBS in China

70% Marks in PCB, MDCAT Qualified to 48000 RMB Per Year

Living Cost in China 12000 – 15000 RMB Per Month

Recommended Universities by ITSA Overseas

China Medical University, Jilin Medical University

Recognition of Medical Universities PMC, WHO, FAIMER, Ministry of Education China.

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Why Do MBBS in China?

The followings are the key reasons behind selecting MBBS in China:

There are 45 PMC-approved MBBS universities in China for offering medical guidance.

The high-class state-art infrastructure is another factor for learning MBBS in China.

The entrance process is simple.

The students that are admitted to medical universities in China will obtain international exposure.

There is low likelihood of visa denial in this country.

China is a safe country for Pakistani students due to the minimal crime rate.

Medical hopefuls can access to world-class MBBS programs in China at a reduced cost.

Medical Courses in China Course Total Duration

MBBS (Bachelor) (Bachelor)

6 Years Dentistry (Bachelor) (Bachelor)

5 Years Pharmacy (Bachelor) (Bachelor)

4 Years Nursing (Bachelor) (Bachelor)

4 Years

Duration of MBBS in China

China is an amazing country for you to study MBBS courses because of its international educational quality.

The medical institution of China allows six years of MBBS studies.

In China, the kids will complete five years of classroom learning.

They will have to follow it with one year of internship in a medical institution.

Eligibility requirements for MBBS Admission in China

Students must adhere by these eligibility rules to do an MBBS degree in China:

The age of the medical aspirants must be 17 to 25 years.

The candidates must clear the 12th standard examination from a recognized board with 60% marks in the science stream.

Qualifying for the MDCAT examination is necessary for direct admission to the universities of China.

Some of the Top Medical Universities in China’s Eligibility Requirements University Name Eligibility Requirements Jilin University 70% in PCBE, 250 on the MDCAT

Dalian College

70% on the PCBE and 250 on the MDCAT

Medical University of China

PCBE, MDCAT, 80% Qualified

Anhui Medical College

70% on the PCBE and 200 on the MDCAT

Shandong College

65% on the PCBE, a 250 on the MDCAT

230 on the MDCAT, 85% on the Nanjing Medical University State Board, and 70% on the PCBE from CBSE.

Fudan University of Medicine

65% on the PCBE and 200 on the MDCAT

Medical University of Wenzhou

70% on the PCBE and 200 on the MDCAT

Jiangsu University scored 240 on the MDCAT and 70% on the PCBE.

Southeast College

70% on the PCBE and 220 on the MDCAT

70% on the PCBE at Yangzhou University and a 220 on the MDCAT

Soochow College

70% on the PCBE and 200 on the MDCAT

Sichuan University’s PCBE score of 70% and MDCAT score of 300.

Guangzhou University of Medicine

70% on the PCBE and a 250 on the MDCAT; mandatory internship

North Sichuan University of Medicine 70% on the PCBE and a 200 on the MDCAT

University of Xiamen

65% on the PCBE and 200 on the MDCAT

Medical University of Kunming

70% on the PCBE and 230 on the MDCAT

University of Three Gorges in China

75% in PCBE and 250 on the MDCAT; mandatory internship

Beijing University

80% on the PCBE and 250 on the MDCAT

75% in PCBE and MDCAT at Shihezi University Credible Recognition of Chinese Medical Universities

Most Chinese medical universities are accredited by prestigious medical organizations to offer Chinese MBBS.

Commission National Medical ( PMC)

Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, Ministry of Education of China (MOE), World Health Organization (WHO), and Foundation for Advancements of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) (ACGME)

Documents required by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for MBBS admission in China

Candidates must submit all of these necessary documents in order to study MBBS in China.

the candidates’ certified copies of their birth certificates.

the certificates and mark sheets for the 10th and 12th grades.

test results for HIV.

photos the size of a passport.

official records from the New Delhi-based Ministry of External Affairs.

a letter of invitation from the relevant medical school.

copy of a passport.

MDCAT Grade Report.

Language of Instruction for MBBS in China

Chinese universities that have received PMC approval all provide medical education in English. For students from Pakistan seeking admission to the MBBS program in China, there is no language barrier.

foreign medical universities

China’s MBBS Admission Process

One of the benefits of MBBS in China is the straightforward admissions process. Examine the procedure.

Once you contact ITSA Overseas, you receive a brief overview of the entire application process for admission to the MBBS program in China.

Please register with us and submit the necessary paperwork, which includes scanned copies of the student’s 10th-grade report card, their 12th-grade report card and passing certificate, their MDCAT certificate, and the front and back of their passport.

The application will be forwarded to the relevant university.

The university will issue a Provisional Admission Order after accepting the application, confirming the student’s admission. The order for provisional admission, the application for a visa, the form for the physical examination, and the rules and regulations follow.

Send ITSA Overseas all of the following forms, fully completed and signed:

properly signed rules and regulations form.

passport photocopy

a certified copy of police clearance.

Form for applying for a visa (signed only), along with the required photo.

Physical Examination Form completed by Government Doctor with Hospital Seal on Back Page and Front Page with Doctor’s Seal and Signature along with Doctor’s Registration Number. The following medical records should also be sent: Hepatitis B, blood group, VDRL, HIV, ECG, vision test, chest x-ray, blood pressure, and blood routine.

Forms of rules and regulations.

After that, ITSA Overseas will submit a JW202 Form application.

ITSA Overseas will apply for the visa at the China Consulate/Embassy as soon as the JW202 Form is received, along with the original passport within 21 days of PAO receipt. Within ten days, we will send the applicant their visa.

Then, while making all necessary travel arrangements as needed, the student must obtain the Letter of Direction from ITSA Overseas. The concerned university has received all original paperwork and certificates.

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MBBS benefits in China

The following are some of the many opportunities that an MBBS degree in China can lead to:

Medical degrees awarded by Chinese medical universities are recognized throughout the world.

After earning an MBBS in China, there are numerous employment opportunities.

In China, there is no racial discrimination against students.

The top 10 medical colleges in the world are all located in China.

Chinese medical universities provide their students with affordable housing options.

The students have the opportunity to experience international exposure thanks to the international partnership.

In Chinese universities, the standard of medical education is very high.

Chinese Universities of Medicine

University of Jilin

Medical University of Dalian

Medical Universities in Wenzhou and Xinjiang

Medical University of China

Huazhong University of Science & Technology at Zhejiang University

University of Xian Jiaotong, University of Qingdao, University of Beihua, and University of Hebei

Anhui Medical University Sun Yat Sen University

Capital Medical University at Zhengzhou University

Medical University of Tianjin

Shandong College

Fudan College

Medical University of Nanjing

Jiangsu College

Southern Medical University at Wuhan University

Ningxia Medical University Sichuan University

Tongji College

University of the Southeast Shihezi

Nantong College

Fudan University of Medicine

Three Gorges College

University of Guangzhou

Medical University of Kunming

Sichuan Medical College in North

Southwest Medical School

University of Xiamen

Fee Structure for MBBS in China 2023–24

The universities’ names

Annual tuition costs (Rs.)

Annual hostel fees (Rs.)

Rs. 4,90,000 Rs. 71,000 at Jilin University

Rs. 5,45,000, Rs. 95,000, Dalian Medical University

Rs. 5,12,000, Rs. 71,000, China Medical University

Zhejiang University 5,05,000 Indian rupees, or 71,000

University of Science and Technology of Huazhong

Rs. 3,96,000 Rs. 75,000

Sun Yat Sen University 5,60,000 Indian rupees, or 84,000

Anhui Medical University 4,15,000 Indian rupees, or 76,00

Rs. 4,72,00,000 and Rs. 90,000 for Capital Medical University

Tianjin Medical University 4,84,000 Rupees 70,000 Rupees

6,72,00,000 and 95,000 rupees for Shandong University

Rs. 5,36,000, Rs. 71,000, Nanjing Medical University

Nantong University 3,30,000 rupees, or 88,000 rupees

Medical Insurance in China: Important Notes 600–800 RMB

Students who wish to pursue MBBS in China should have at least a PCBE score of 70%.

The student must be physically fit and have good English language skills.

Application and registration fees are extra, and 1 RMB is equivalent to 33 Rs.

The tuition fee listed above in the table is a guideline only, and the university retains the right to modify it at any time without personally informing the students. To find out the exact cost in Pakistani rupees, get in touch with us.

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