IELTS Preparation Course in dubai

Preparing for IELTS

Preparing for IELTS makes all the difference.

Get ready to achieve your goals with our IELTS preparation courses in Dubai.

Preparing for IELTS will increase your chances of getting the score you need, and no one can help you do it better than us at IELTS Coaching.

Our IELTS preparation courses are specifically designed to maximize your potential.

You will receive personalized support from your teacher and guidance on how to approach each part of the test.

If you take an IELTS preparation course with English language experts from around the world, you will

You will have access to highly qualified teachers with experience in taking IELTS.

Learn the test format and different types of questions using the latest IELTS preparation materials.

Improve your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Develop effective test-taking strategies

Practice with sample IELTS tasks and receive feedback on your performance.

Course information


Intermediate and above intermediate.

Course and level structure

Course format.

One-on-one lessons with an IELTS teacher

Independent work: 15 hours

Number of teaching hours: 30 hours (3 hours per day)


Duration: 10 days

Class size: 5-12 students

IELTS trainer Private trainer

Independent work: 15 hours

Class hours: 1 – 8 hours

Medium: face-to-face/online

Duration: 1 – 8 days

Group size: 1 student


IELTS Coach, one-on-one: AED 3000

IELTS Coach Platinum: AED 750-4000.

How to register.

Contact us or book your test online.

Course details

Course name.

Who it’s for?

IELTS Online Trainer

This course is designed for students with an intermediate level of English or higher who want to learn IELTS online.

IELTS individual tutoring

This course is designed for students with an intermediate level or higher in English who want to study at our university.

Private IELTS training

Courses for students who have an intermediate or higher level of English and want to work individually with a teacher.

In all courses, your teacher will

Give you feedback on your work.

There will also be practice exercises.

Give practice tests in class.

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