Computer Aided Engineering, or CAE, are comprehensive programmes covering basic as well as advanced computer-aided engineering procedures. Apart from learning about computer-aided engineering, you can improve your skills in the application of different computer-aided software that is essential for use in product designing, developing, and analysing.  


The following is a detailed overview of the CAE courses online:


  • The CAE courses offer you a detailed understanding of the FEA, Quality check, 1D, 2D & 3D Meshing, Macro Generation, and Morphing Techniques.
  •  You can gain geometry expertise before the meshing procedure is applied for mid-surface extraction.  
  • The CAE courses offer you an insight into crash simulations (including Side, Frontal, and Roof Crush).
  • The courses are aimed at gaining a better understanding of structural analysis automation. 


Job opportunities with a CAE certification 


The following are the job opportunities with a CAE certification:


  • CAE Engineer NVH
  • CAE Automation Engineer  
  • CAE Durability Engineer
  • CAE Analyst
  • Safety CAE Engineer


CAE online course syllabus 


The CAE online courses are available in nine types. The courses are the following:


  • Course 1


Preprocessor for Structural Analysis using ANSA:


  1. ANSA GUI and Tools (introduction) in weeks 1 & 2
  2. 2D Meshing, Manual Mid-surfacing, and Quality Criteria in week 3
  3. Manual Mid-surfacing (Plastic Trims and Cast Parts) in week 4
  4. Solid Meshing (Tetra & Hexa) in week 5
  5. Connections (Seat and Door) in week 6
  6. Batch Casting/Meshing in week 7 
  7. Morphing Basics (introduction) in week 8


  • Course 2


HyperMesh for FEA Plastic and Sheet Metal Applications


  1. FEA (Introduction) in week 1
  2. HyperMesh GUI (introduction) in week 2
  3. Significant Geometric Tools in week 3 
  4. 1D Meshing in week 4
  5. Geometry Mid Surface and Cleanup in week 5
  6. 2D Meshing (introduction and examples) in week 6
  7. Quality Criteria in week 7
  8. Advanced 2D Meshing in week 8 
  9. 3D Meshing in week 9
  10. Connectors in week 10
  11. Batch Meshing in week 11
  12. Morphing Techniques and Macro Generation in week 12


  • Course 3


FEA Super Course – Refresher


  1. FEA introduction in week 1
  2. ANSA Part 1 in week 2
  3. ANSA Part 2 in week 3
  4. HyperMesh Part 1 in week 4
  5. HyperMesh Part 2 in week 5


  • Course 4 


LS-DYNA for Structural Mechanics/FEA


  1. FEA simulations and introduction in week 1 
  2. LS-PREPOST Deep Dive in week 2 
  3. Timestep, keywords, etc., in week 3
  4. Weld Modelling and LS-PrePost GUI in week 4
  5. Implicit problems and simulations in week 5
  6. LS-DYNA Best Practices & Analyses Types in week 6
  7. Material Modelling (by the application of LS-DYNA) in week 7
  8. Designing crash and safety in week 8


  • Course 5

Basics of FEA – Explicit and Implicit FEA


  1. FEA (introduction) in week 1 
  2. FEA (methods) in week 2
  3. FEA (basics) in week 3
  4. 1D Element (Bar element) in week 4
  5. 2D Element in week 5
  6. FEA characteristics, 3D Element in week 6
  7. ANSYS basics, including introduction, material models, meshing techniques, and simple static problems solving in week 7
  8. Motion equations in week 8 
  9. FEA Explicit and implicit in week 9 
  10. ANSYS in week 10


The CAE courses are designed according to industry standards to offer the students a practical understanding of the CAE applications at large-scale industrial levels.

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