Bubble letter W 

A step-by-step drawing handbook for your bubble letter W. W is a somewhat familiar note, the twenty-third missive of the alphabet. Strangely, he visits the varieties of a few different messages. You may also learn about this drawing scary drawings, cute girls to draw cartoon drawings, puppy drawings, cute girl drawings, easy drawings,3d drawings and many more drawings.

We pronounce it crease you, and it sounds like two V’s stuck together. It can confuse things, but it’s a fairly easy letter to learn to write. Although it is easy to write, drawing in other styles can be challenging. This guide will explain how to draw a bubble letter W. It can be tricky, but we’ve got 6 fun and easy steps to walk you through the process and show you how easy it can be. Not only that, but we’ll be looking at ways to color your creation and other fun ideas to try.

Let us begin


That is why we strongly recommend that you do so with this letter. You can draw a large W in pencil; it can be styled as you would normally write it. Following the guide, we’ll build the bubble version around it. Whether you draw this guide or not, we can draw the first few lines of your letter. Earlier, we talked about how this letter looks like two V’s, and first, we’ll draw the V on the left. We’ll draw a little V shape with curls on top to do this. The reference image will show you what it should look like, so try to replicate it as closely as possible. Then we can move on to the next step, where we’ll add to the layout.


Next, we’ll draw the left side of the V shape we started in the previous step. The following line may seem easy but it may be more complicated than you think! When drawing a longer line, it can be easy to let your hand move in a wavy fashion accidentally, and it can be even more likely if you’re in a hurry. As you extend the line we started in the previous step, slow down as it curves slightly. At the base, it will turn very little to the request. We can catch half of the W-carrying figure, but we still have a method to proceed! We can move on to the next one when you’re comfortable with this degree-glancing one.


We’ll create a gradual upward slope where the line ended in the previous step. About halfway down the letter, this will lean back sharply. It will curve down until it reaches the base of the letter, then it will curve back up. Now we can see the beginning of the formation of the second V, so we are getting close to a full preview. We’ll finish the outline in the next step, so go ahead and do it when you’re ready!


Finally, it will go up from this midpoint until it reaches the other line. With that, your plan for the letter is done! When you break a drawing into smaller steps like this, some points where the lines meet may not be as smooth as possible, so you should refine one of those points before proceeding. Also, now would be a good time to erase any pencil lines you may have drawn to guide your drawing. They were mainly there for the outline, so that we won’t need them anymore. The next step in the guide will be adding interior details to the drawing, so let’s go ahead and do that.


These little shapes make it look like a light shines and reflects off the letter. Next, we’ll add some small, thin lines inside the outline. They’ll get close to the outline and fill the letter with air. As you can see, these details are simple but effective! This is how we drew these details, but you can tweak them if you want them to look slightly different. You can also add your additional details! They can be fun patterns or other unique details on the letter. Once you’ve added all the details you’d like, we’ll add some colors in the final step.


As shown in our reference, the darker tones will blend with the lighter ones. The colors will be lighter where the reflections are. Even if you choose a different color scheme than ours, try to replicate how we applied the colors in our example. These paints will produce it skim invariant additionally like a 3D entity.


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