Horse riding

Horse riding is an activity chosen by more and more people, young, very young, adults. In fact, it is a discipline that not only helps to improve concentration, posture and the animal-human relationship (there are now also many pet therapy centers), but it is also a relaxing and extremely fun activity. If you have decided to go horseback riding, you are probably wondering what is the most suitable riding clothing, let’s take a look at this together right away.

Riding clothes, where to start

As you surely already know, to ride a horse you have to wear a particular type of clothing, you have probably seen races and wondered, seeing different types of liveries, which was the most suitable to start with. Indeed, you should know that there are different types of clothing depending on the occasion and the circumstances. But let’s start by saying that in addition to respecting the type of clothing, the choice must also be made on the most comfortable clothes, as it is natural, you must feel comfortable, without experiencing any discomfort or discomfort.

Shopping, another fundamental point, is not as important as is often thought, but it is essential to buy everything you need in the right store because some, indeed, have prohibitive prices. On the net you can find a huge assortment of clothes, from accessories to different equipment and with just a few clicks you can order everything you need directly to your home. But now let’s assess what is essential to start riding.

Clothing and accessories for taking the first steps

Let’s start with the hat. There are different types depending on the type of frame, but to start, you will have to choose one of the right size and above all that is up to standard. Take the measurement of the head circumference and check that the size corresponds to your measurements, the helmet must be neither too big nor too small.

Another fundamental accessory are shoes, that is, riding boots. Here, you can basically choose between long boots and short boots, but if you want advice, start with the long ones which protect the legs better and avoid annoying chafing. Obviously the choice is also influenced by the type of activity, there are dressage boots and there are lace-up boots for English disciplines, compare with your instructor and you can’t go wrong.

The classic boots are normally black, but today there are different colors, but again, a comparison with the monitor is necessary because certain disciplines, such as Hunter or dressage, have very specific rules regarding clothing. The size is also important for boots, they must fit perfectly and make your feet absolutely comfortable, as well as the calf.

Now let’s see the pants. Here it is above all the fabric that makes the difference, it is better to opt for elastic fabric pants for maximum comfort. When wearing them you should feel comfortable, have freedom of movement and you should not feel discomfort or feel constricted inside the garment. Color, unless otherwise specified by the instructor, is at your discretion.

The important thing is to buy specific pants for riding because this type of pants, unlike other pants, does not have groin seams which, if present, can cause rashes and discomfort. Also on the pants, of course, there is a world, depending on the discipline and the context, start with a pair of all-rounders, little by little the instructor will then tell you which are the most suitable for competitions and the different types of riding.

Gloves and other accessories

Riding gloves are essential, not only for a matter of elegance and style, but to avoid rubbing and chafing that can become very annoying, as well as to give a better grip on the reins. Also for the gloves you can choose, for training, between different types, the important thing is that they are the right size to guarantee a perfect grip, you can find them in leather, cotton, wool. Those in leather are among the most used even if they require careful maintenance.

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