It is really a good thing that some people across the globe have a lot of talents. Katie Sakov is one of them who can explore and learn several things. She is mainly well-known as a movie star and also has worked in a lot of movies, series, and TV shows as well. Apart from that, she has starred in a lot of series. In this article, we are going to share some details about her so that you will be able to get to know her better. 

Who Is Katie Sakov?

Before you know anything about Katie Sakov, first, you need to know about her origin. She is from Portland, and she was born in the year 1980. Now she is an American actress, and she started her career in 1998 in a TV film named “Fifteen and Pregnant.” After that, she became famous gradually and now not in movies or series, but she is a well-known star in some video games as well. But she is not a businesswoman as well. 

Her Well-Known Works

If you are going to know about this actress, then you need to know about several other series and movies where she has acted. You need to know about those movies, series, and video games as well. In this case, you need to go ahead and make sure that you are going to praise all of her work. 

1) Movies By Katie Sakov

There are several popular movies where she has already acted. These movies are very popular, and the audience loved her for acting in those several movies. The first film in her filmography career is “My First Mister,” where she acted in the year 2001. There are several other movies, such as:


  • After the first film, she acted in the movie named “Halloween,” and then the next year, she acted in “Resurrection.”
  • Then she took a long break for five years after that; she again starred in such movies as 2007 “White Noise” and “The Light.”
  • She gave the voice to detective Sarah Essen in the movies named “Batman” and “Tear One.”
  • You will also be seeing her in the short film named “Power/Ranger.”
  • Other great movies are “Riddick,” “Oculus,” and “Girl Flu.”
  • Apart from that, you will also be getting such movies like “2036 Origin Unknown”, “Batman,” and “Night of the Animated Date.”

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2)Series And Television Films By Katie Sakov

She got her first chance in her acting life with a television film when she was fifteen, and she was pregnant. She is mainly famous for her acting in Battlestar Galactica is Kara “Starbucks” Thrace. In fact, Starbucks is one of the most famous and perfect characters that she played. Apart from that, there are several other movies and series that you need to know, like:


  • She starred in the animated 3D television series “Star Wars Rebel” in the year 2017. 
  • She also starred in one of the most famous television series, “Big Bang Theory.” But she only worked for only two episodes.
  • One of the great series is “Another Life” on Netflix. She acted too.
  • One of the most interesting movies that you will be able to see her in is “The Flash.”
  • Her famous series is “Another Life,” “Longmire,” “The Mandalorian,” and so on.
  • She has acted in one of the most famous movie series, “The Clone Wars.” 

3)Video Games Where Katie Sakov Is Featured

Katie Sakov not only starred on the screen of popular series and movies but also starred on the screen of video games. There are several 5 video games that you will be able to play and get to see the movie star Katie Sakov. The video games are:

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  • In the year 2007, the video game “Halo 3” was released with Katie Sakov as the female Marine 3.
  • One of the best video games is Resistance 2, which was released in the year 2008. Here Katie Sakov as Cassie Aklin.
  • Another video game that was launched in the year 2011, named “Spider Game,” as Black Cat 2099. 
  • One of the most famous video games is “Eve” which was launched in 2016, and here you can see Katie Sakov as “Ran Kavik.” 

4)Awards That Katie Sakov Has Won

Katie Sakov has won 2 awards until the current time. One of the awards is the Saturn Award which she won in the year 2005 for best supporting actress in a TV series. On the other hand, she won Fangoria Chainsaw Awards for the same nominated category, which is the best supporting actress in Oculus, in the year 2015. 

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We have discussed some details about Katie Sakov above in this article. After going through this article, you will also get to know about the starting days of her acting career. You will also get some details about her and some famous movies and TV shows as well. Apart from that, there are lists of awards that she has won and also got nominated for. 


Thank you for reading till the end.

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