Have you ever wondered how Christmas may be far more than just exchanging gifts or eating cake? Like any other festival, Christmas is more than just a season to be merry. While you may enjoy your long-lasting Christmas family traditions, there are different ways to relish the merry-making and joy of Christmas like in escape rooms.  

Remember that it doesn’t matter if you cannot afford a delicious cake or a giant Christmas tree, for the festive season isn’t just about that. For all those families and individuals who are a little tight on their budgets while Christmas rolls in, here are ten fundamental ways to celebrate Christmas this year: 

  1. Indulging in reflection 

You can spend the day talking to your family and kids about Christmas’s true meaning. You may even ask your kids to think of a few things they feel grateful for this year.  

  1. Having a ‘non-traditional’ Christmas dinner  

Make an exception this year by not having ham this year. Instead, you can opt for something completely different! You may drop in at a local restaurant or have a potluck soup buffet.  

  1. Going to the church 

Several churches all around you will have plenty of services hosted on Christmas. You can visit the church any time during the day for an exceptional Christmas service with your family.  

  1. Wrapping up gifts  

Wrapping up gifts is essentially an integral part of pre-Christmas traditions. This year, you can use unique and environment-friendly wrapping paper to wrap your Christmas gifts! In this way, you can uniquely breathe in the Christmassy air! 

  1. Spending time with your friends or family  

Christmas is about spending some quality time with your friends or family. So, ensure you spend the day with the people you love and care about! Take the time to appreciate their presence in your life.  

  1. Baking  

Baking and preparing homemade cookies, muffins or cakes can be a mouthwatering way to spend Christmas this year. You can bake these delicious treats in your home and share them with your family, friends, or neighbors, lighting up their Christmas! 

  1. Helping the poor  

Christmas is more about the spirit of giving rather than that of receiving. Hence, why don’t you try helping the poor and needy in your vicinity? During Christmas this year, you can provide a simple meal to poor people or donate clothes or money to a charity.  

  1. Sharing the love  

You may have several clothes or other items lying around your house that you no longer use. So, this Christmas season, ensure you round up all those items and give them to needy people as gifts. For every donation you receive from anyone, you may choose to give away one thing of yours to the poor people on the streets. This way, you can share love and care with everyone in your community! 

  1. Giving out practical gifts  

Instead of gifting people luxurious gifts this Christmas season, you can give them something useful. Especially for people who are tight on their budget this season, it is best to choose gifts this way. You can list items your family members need and gift them accordingly.  

  1. Making up a family tradition 

Each family can have a Christmas tradition exclusive to their own. While for some families, Christmas may be about gathering around the dinner table and diving into some ham heartily, for others, it may be about a family trip! Family traditions may vary from one family to another, and it is precisely that which makes it so exciting to look forward to. So, this year, you may as well fashion a Christmas tradition exclusive to your family.  

As the Christmas season nears, it is time you get down and plan how to spend the festive season this year. While we enlisted only ten ways of spending Christmas this year, you may find other unique ways as in escape rooms to spend the time!  




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