Import Requirements and Documentation

When importing from Egypt, you will need to follow the Import Requirements and Documentation for goods and additional documentation required. Read the following articles to know more.


Import Requirements and Documentation

1.Certificate of Origin

Two copies plus the original of the document are required. The certificate of origin must be authenticated by the Egyptian consulate in the country of origin. Natural products are considered to come from the country where they were mined. The certificate of origin must contain a declaration. That the information provided was true and to the best of the sender’s knowledge.


2.Commercial Invoice

Two copies plus the original of the document are required. In most cases, legalization by the Egyptian consulate in the country of origin is required.


3.Bill of lading

The bill of lading must contain the name of the sender, the address and the number of bills of lading issued. There are no regulations as to the form or number of bills of lading required for shipment. The number of bills of lading required depends on the carrier.

packing list The bill of lading can be requested by the recipient and is recommended in most cases.


4.letter of credit

The Central Bank of Egypt informs all banks operating in Egypt that letters of credit must be covered 100% in cash by the import export company with the exception of some foodstuffs. This replaces the previous process where banks and their customers made their own contracts and typically covered 10-20%. value of the letter of credit. In principle, the exporter can only ship the goods once the Egyptian bank has notified the opening of the letter of credit.

If the goods are shipped before the letter of credit is issued, the importer faces a fine of up to the maximum value of the goods. If the importer does not bear the costs, the exporter loses the value of this shipment and for products with a limited shelf life, a delay at the customs office can mean that even if the exporter wanted to pick up the package, it is no longer suitable for anything.

The international trading company must provide his bank with the invoice and export documents


5.Proforma Invoice

This is the invoice that the importer must submit with the import license. It must indicate the country where the goods were manufactured.


6.Product Analysis

Mandatory for products likely to undergo standard testing.

inspection and quality control certificates from other bodies as required.


Do you want to import from Egypt? Follow these requirements and documents.

If you’re interested in importing from Egypt, there are several requirements and documents that need to be considered such as:

  • You must have a valid Egyptian visa. This can be obtained through Egyptian consulates or embassies, which are located throughout the world.
  • You’ll also need an invitation letter from an Egyptian company or individual who will sponsor your visit for business purposes (this will likely cost about $100). 
  • If you don’t have one of these letters, there is another option: if your visit is more than three days long and at least five people from your import export company in uae will accompany you on it, then they can apply for a special permit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that allows them entry into the country without having any sponsorship letters at all!

This process takes about two weeks



Importing from Egypt can be a bit confusing, but we hope that this article has helped you understand the process. Keep in mind that there are many different types of goods that need different documents, so make sure to check with your local customs office before beginning any kind of importation project

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