Custom Perfume Boxes

Do you know that perfumes are the most popular gift item? And for that, the brands prefer exclusive custom perfume boxes. It protects delicate perfume bottles from damage and keeps them safe during transit. Moreover, the beautifully designed boxes complement the stylish perfume bottles. And it speaks volumes about your brand’s excellence.

Hence there are unlimited ways to decorate wholesale perfume boxes. And after thorough research, our experts have gathered key points that will take your packaging to the next level.

So let us jump into the details.

Environmentally Friendly Custom Perfume Boxes

You can pack the perfumes in kraft, cardboard, or rigid boxes. They are decomposable, reusable, and recyclable. In the retail business, cardboard is the common packaging material. You can design it in any box shape, size, color, or design. And you can apply a custom surface coat, unlike kraft.

On the flip side, the rigid is a thick paperboard available in foldable and non-foldable forms. It is quite durable and sturdy as compared to kraft and cardboard. In a nutshell, the stocks mentioned above are 100% eco-safe and user-friendly.

Accurate-Size Perfume Boxes

We know that perfume bottles vary in size, style, and color; therefore, customized packaging is a must. The perfect size packaging provides the utmost protection to the bottles. And it prevents them from shattering during transit. Hence you can stack multiple boxes without scratches or cracks on the bottle.

Above all, it enhances the consumer’s unboxing experience and reduces packaging waste. Thus, you can pick any perfume box size but ensure that it is a perfect fit for your fragrance.

Custom Printed Perfume Boxes with Inserts

We know that a custom perfume box is the primary packaging, and it protects the bottle from damage. But you can add an extra protective layer to the packaging. Yes, we are talking about the custom inserts. They are also known as dividers or partitioners, and it acts like a fort. And it firmly holds the bottles and prevents them from jostling.

The inserts are available in recyclable stock (kraft, cardboard, rigid and corrugated). And you can manufacture them in any color, size, or style.

Plus, you can print perfume images or interesting information on the inserts. As a result, it promotes different fragrances.

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Beautiful Box Designs

Since every perfume is unique, don’t you think it requires special packaging? Yes, it does!

Thus, you can pack and showcase the perfumes in the following box styles

• Tuck front style

• Two-piece box

• Straight tuck end

• Boxes with windows

• Tray and sleeve packaging

• Telescoping box

• Counter display

You can order them in any stock, color, or size and our experts will tailor them to your needs.


Sophisticated Custom Perfume Boxes

Do you want to design exclusive cosmetic display boxes? Well, several finishing techniques are available, but hot foil stamping is the most popular one. You can highlight the perfume name with the colored foil (gold, silver, red, copper, or rose gold). It gives it a flashy look and increases the worth of the packaging ten times. Moreover, you can select the foil depending on the perfume box.


But for a richer look, you can opt for embossing or debossing. Like foil stamping, this technique is also target specific and gives your packaging a high-end look.

Creative Packaging Ideas

No matter what box style you choose, you can beautify it with customized add-ons. For instance, you can attach a PVC sheet, handle, inserts, hang tags, cards, stickers, or ribbons. Its purpose is to amplify the box’s aesthetics and add a surprise factor to the packaging. The decorations can be customized in any shape, size, color, or design.

Besides, it is a fantastic way to upgrade custom printed perfume boxes into gift or subscription packaging. Thus, you can pack different perfume bottles and introduce your new collection to potential buyers.

Custom Printed Perfume Boxes

Attractive packaging is the first thing that the customer notices. Therefore, brands use dark colors, foil stamping, and add-ons to add value to the boxes.

Besides, custom printed packaging is very important. It educates the buyers about the perfume brand, quantity, flavor, shelf life, and ingredients.

Thus well, designed packaging helps the customers to pick the right perfume.

Why Choose Us?

iCustomBoxes designs the best-quality boxes at reasonable rates. You can share the box details and sample; our experts will manufacture it accordingly.

Our printing facility has top-notch printing and cutting machinery; thus, we design wholesale perfume boxes perfectly. We offer our clients quick service, hassle-free customization, and worldwide doorstep delivery.

Thus, you can order hundreds or thousands of boxes, and we will deliver them on time. Our standard turnaround time is 12 business days and 9 days for rush orders.

For more information, visit iCustomBoxes or send our queries to [email protected]. Or you can talk to our packaging experts at +1-800-347-2197.

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