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Although Facebook does not share the income with the manufacturers who upload their videos, you can still use Facebook to make money with your videos and earn money in other ways. In this video I give you a brief overview of how you can make money on your videos on Facebook without sharing advertising with you. You can also get real followers on Facebook through videos. One of them, David Turner, commented on my Facebook page and asked a question.

Well, it’s not really a question, rather a prerequisite. “I think Facebook has a long way for you to go to your platform. On the one hand, the loading times are exponentially longer. They also do not offer any income exchange for manufacturers.” And that’s really true. At the moment, Facebook does not share income with manufacturers who upload videos and content or anything else to their platform.

You can earn money, but it takes time a business model

Unless they are one of the few controversial companies that receive billions on their platform every month. But you can still earn money with your Facebook videos. You can also get genuine likes on Facebook page through videos.  You only need another business model. YouTube many YouTube use AdSense Standard, right? And they say, hey, I’ll upload my videos to YouTube. This is my job and the task of YouTube is to pay myself in one way or another.

Why can I earn money with YouTube?

The only reason why you earn money with YouTube is that your viewers watch your videos and pay an advertiser who then pays YouTube, who then shares it with them. The way I see it when the audience still pays someone, which not only brings my things and sell them directly. And I do that with video makers.

I use Adsense and I like it, do you know? It is a beautiful, the icing on the cake, something like that.

What are the benefits of directly uploading Facebook?

I upload my videos on Facebook because it helps to generate e -mails. Such as subscriptions for my free e-book The Secret to build a YouTube audience. You can find the link in the description under this video here on YouTube or on Facebook if you look there.

Sometimes the videos also contain paid product placements, regardless of whether it is my products that I sell, like my 30 days Or it is a sponsored product that I can say, hey, I can put them on YouTube, or I can record this video on Facebook where these people can see it. And that is added value, added value that makes it easier for the sponsor, yes to say that I want to do this company. Hey, I didn’t even know on Facebook, I would like to pay more.

It really depends on your business model about your audience and the content you make. I know that many of them are planning to fully use YouTube. And if this is your goal, then of course I will give away quickly. It says: “Make YouTube your full career”. It leads you through the exact process of building a business model around your channel.  It’s more than Adsense. Don’t just play for you, oh, I need more views and more subscribers and I have to get this score.

I only have to advertise the next sponsor. At least this game is tiring for me. And it is even possible with a relatively small audience. It will appear soon. If you want to know more, if it comes out for my mailing list for the free e-book, register the secret to build a YouTube audience. Or go to and register there and I will send you more information about this course once it has been published.

And if you have paid attention, you may have noticed that I use these exact rules for generating income for this video, both for my YouTube viewers and for people on your Facebook page outside Adsense. I am really looking forward to hearing from you in the comments below how to earn money, regardless of whether it is Facebook or even Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or whatever.

This is how you earn money with your content on Adsense. I look forward to reading from you. If you are interested, read the comments from other people to get more ideas. As you know, I learned from you every week. I know you do it too. Then look a look. And if it is your first time with video makers, you will be happy to register. We just want to help you expand your audience on YouTube. You can spread a message, reach people and influence their lives.

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