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Video Door Phone


One of the latest additions that have become immensely popular in home security measures is the Video Door Phones. Ensuring utmost security for the homeowner by giving control in his hands, the Video Door Phones offer a variety of features that can boost home security to a whole new level along with offering utility features like intercom and access control of main entrance lobby.

Types of Video door Phone

Entry Level

Video Door Phone

This is the basic mode providing single level of security. It includes Outdoor bell camera and indoor monitor screen to communicate and allow the visitor to enter in the premises. These are suitable for villas and Bungalows.

Multi apartment

Video Door Phone

The lobby camera at main entrance of your building gives first level of security to authorized the access from your home. Next level of security is ensured by the camera installed outside the individual flat. With the intercom facility communication within the apartment is also possible. in the large housing schemes, each lobby of each building is equipped with camera .

3 Tier IP Video door

phone system

Covering all the features of Multi Apartment Video Door Phone, IP Video Door Phone go a step ahead. The system offers 3-level security at main guard station, tower lobby entrance and flat entrance. Through a mobile phone application, you can get notifications about security laps even when you are not at home.


door camera.png

Guard Phone

Guard does not need to remember IP or extension of flat. He can directly search with one or two alphabets and select the name and dial the resident. The guard can monitor CCTV cameras and  Lobby Panel camera from the screen of Guard Station. He can track the visitor movement from the Guard Station only.  In case of panic/SOS condition guard phone alarm icon turn red with beep sound so it will be easily identifying to guard person. Guard can open the Lobby Access Control from Guard Station

Lobby Panel

Visitor can call Guard Station on a single click. Guard can see them and open the Lobby Access Control door. Lobby has inbuilt Biometric, Face Recognition, EM/MF Reader in it. Helps to communicate to flats for access. When resident gives access to visitors, picture is clicked and saved onto the Indoor unit. This will help them track the movement of a visitor. Lobby Panel has the phone book storage, visitor can search the name and dial

Door Camera

We can view Outdoor unit from mobile App. Resident can see the live video, can talk to the visitor, remotely unlock the door, take the snapshot and take necessary action accordingly

Indoor Monitor

Owner can get call on mobile also through wifi ones the visitor press the bell. In built memory card stores the capured images of visitors. Owner can monitor CCTV cameras live from the Display.


Video door phone 1.png

WiFi Video Door Phone System

Using Video Door Phone lets you see who is knocking at your door before you open it. A Video Door Phone System allows you to talk and even see your visitors before admitting them. It gives you the choice of who is allowed in – and who is not.

This system will consist of a doorbell camera outdoor unit outside the entrance door with a buttons when installed in a blocks of flats. Video Door Phone Systems can range from a video & two way audio entry system to sophisticated digital system covering multiple flats and entrances-with video.

3-tier Security System

With our Building Management Solutions, we bring for home owners an assurance of Security right into their premises. Our Security Solution Is a high tech wired system with a console at your building’s entrance. Thus offering easy and instant interaction with every visitor. Now residents of the society can relax as we have built a 3-tier Security System with concern of their safety and convenience.

The system offers 3-level security at main guard station, tower lobby entrance and flat entrance.

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