Engine Grass Cutting Machine

The Engine Grass Cutting Machine is outfitted with a specially constructed frame out of steel, reinforced securely by steel cross supports. The Grass Cutting Machine features a cutting cylinder with six connected blades for maximum efficiency. The Diesel Operated Grass Cutting Machine is a product that is manufactured by Guru Nanak Iron & Steel Mfg. The distributes various fogging machines, electric lawnmowers, tractor-driven lawnmowers, grass-cutting machines, green mowers, and other similar products.

Heavy-duty bearings are installed in the rear rolls of the Engine Grass Cutting Machine, which also features a ratchet system. The intelligent lawn mower can finish mowing the lawn independently, without direct human control and operation. Additionally, the lawn mower has low power consumption, low noise production, an exquisite appearance, and significantly reduces the amount of manual labor required.

Remote control of the lawn mower reduces workers’ physical labor and the damage caused by noise and vibration. This eliminates the need for manual mowing, which takes time and effort and exposes workers to the sun. Because of the wind, folks can finish their work while sitting inside their homes.

Benefits of Diesel Grass Cutting Machine:

The Trimmer/Brush Cutter is a practical and dependable helper for your yard, lawn, or garden. It has a cutting path 10 inches wide, keeping your property, pathways, and flower beds neat. Additionally, it has an 18-inch cutting blade that can cut dense grass and brush and cut beneath trees.

Excellent productivity:

You could do the yard work much more quickly if you used this Trimmer, which features a powerful 31cc 4-Stroke engine. In addition, the recoil starter is designed to be smoother and easier to use, with less resistance overall, and specifically for starting quickly with as little effort as possible. Thanks to the quick-change head, you will save a significant amount of time, which enables you to switch from a 3T blade to a line trimmer head in just a few seconds.

Work Efficiently Despite Its Portability Using Two Blades:

Because of its low weight, the Trimmer is simple to grip and maneuver. You will have the freedom to quickly and easily do various tasks thanks to the Trimmer’s double blade, which enables you to accomplish everything from clearing unwanted branches to trimming hedges.

Design that is Both Clever and Ergonomic:

An adjustable spacer guard helps to preserve the ornaments and flowers; Having a translucent fuel tank enables you to monitor your fuel levels while you are working; U-handle that is equip with anti-slip enables you to maintain the machine’s well-balance position effortlessly.

Diesel Grass Cutting Machine Characteristics and Features:


Steel of a particular kind was produce and then support securely by steel cross stays.


GREAVES 4.8 Bhp/ Diesel Engine.


By Vee- belt & roller chain.

Cutting Cylinder:

Six blades operate on ball bearings.

Fifty cuts are make for every meter in this cutting ratio.

Front Roll:

Using rolling bearings made of balls


The machine operator can disengage and reengage the V belts with the main pulley by using the lever on the handle of the belt clutch. This allows the machine to move.

Exceptional Characteristics:

The ratchet system and the rear rollers both have heavy-duty bearings.


Strong steel is use in its construction.

Rollers at the Back:

A large one-bed ward is divide into two sections, each with a ratchet system.


The cutting height is adjustable according to the size of the person operating the machine.

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