Blue Sapphire is the most renowned member of the nine Navratnas that has been in great demand for a very long time. These gems have a beautiful blue color with a lustrous appearance making them the perfect choice for engagement rings and pendants.

The rarest color variety of Blue Sapphire stone is Cornflower Blue Sapphire which resembles the color of a cornflower that is uniformly spread all across the gem. Apart from their color cornflower blue sapphires possess a smooth and lustrous texture that adds to their charm. Normally Blue Sapphires contain a green or violet undertone apart from their blue color however cornflower blue sapphires do not have such violet or green undertones and possess the purest blue color found on a Blue Sapphire gemstone.

Due to the purity of their color, Cornflower blue sapphire gemstones are extremely uncommon and are sold at sky-high prices in comparison to other varieties of Blue Sapphire. These superior-grade stones also hold cosmic metaphysical properties that help the wearer in leading a happy life. The average Cornflower Blue Sapphire price per carat in the US falls between $2000 to $8000 varying on the basis of its quality factors.


Cornflower blue sapphires due to their extreme rarity are only found in a limited number of places. The most superior-grade cornflower blue sapphires were found in Kashmir, India however their mines have been depleted and they are uncommon nowadays. Cornflower blue sapphires from Ceylon, Sri Lanka come second in quality after Kashmir cornflower blue sapphires and are priced handsomely as well. The other origins include Madagascar and Burma now known as Myanmar which also produces good-quality Cornflower blue Sapphires. The value of a high-quality Ceylon cornflower blue sapphire is almost half the value of a good-quality Kashmir cornflower blue sapphire.

Quality parameters

Apart from their origin, there are various other quality factors that help in determining the worth of a cornflower blue sapphire namely cut, size, shade and transparency. 


As the roughs of Cornflower Blue sapphires are high-priced, reducing the amount of wastage while cutting is extremely important. The most costly Cornflower Blue Sapphires come in highly-faceted cuts as they require high wastage of the rough.


All Blue Sapphires contain a little number of silk inclusions inside and so is the case of Cornflower Blue Sapphires. However, due to being fewer in number these silk inclusions let the light pass through these stones and offer a smooth and shiny texture which increases the elegance of these gems.


Its intense cornflower blue color and evenly spread shade are the most important factors for determining the worth of a Cornflower blue sapphire. Also, the presence of small inclusions inside the gem also enhances its value highly even if it becomes a little less see-through. Cornflower blue sapphires with medium to dark blue tones cost more than medium to light-toned cornflower blue sapphires as the intensity of the blue color is responsible for variation in its value. A smooth Kashmir Cornflower Blue Sapphire offers the purest blue color making its price higher than other Cornflower Blue Sapphires.


Finding a large-sized Cornflower blue sapphire gem is uncommon due to which the worth of a Cornflower blue sapphire increases proportionally with its size until the quality of the gem is not affected. 

Astrological benefits of Cornflower Blue Sapphire

Cornflower blue sapphire gemstones impart motivation to the wearers to keep going forward even when the situation seems unfavorable so that they can focus on their lives in a positive manner. Due to being linked with Saturn, these gems are also known as wisdom stones as they impart knowledge to the wearers and reduce their self-doubt which lets them achieve their academic goals. As Saturn rotates slowly on its axis it assists in dealing with severe illnesses such as cancer. Sleep disorders can also be cured by wearing a Cornflower Blue Sapphire stone. Lastly, another significant benefit of wearing a Cornflower Blue Sapphire is curing eye infections to enhance vision.

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