Do you plan to pursue abroad study in Australia? Congratulations, you picked an amazing location. Whether you find yourself dazzled by indigenous Australian culture and history, dying to see the Great Barrier Reef, or simply would love to relax on the golden beaches- there’s something for every student, and you’ll surely have a spectacular experience. However, you might wonder how much this experience will truly cost.

The first and foremost aspect you should focus on will be your institutional costs like room and boarding, costs of tuition, and application fees. After you determine these, you can start looking into crucial aspects like food, entertainment, transportation, travel, and the like. Undeniably, countless expenses will hugely vary from one person to another. However, this comprehensive post will steer you towards the right direction and enable you to develop a lucid understanding of the cost you need to bear to get this fantastic experience.

Let’s dive right in!

Consider The Tuition Fees

According to top overseas education consultants, tuition fees are vital when considering the cost of pursuing higher studies in Australia. On average, the annual costs of tuition in Australia for a bachelor’s degree may range from AUD 9000-50000. On the other hand, the fee range for a Master’s degree may vary from AUD 10000-55000.

Have a look at the tuition costs in Australia across the best universities mentioned in the tabular format below-


Name Of The University



QS WUR 2023



Best Courses




Fees (Annual in AUD)




ANU or Australian National University





Master of Applied Data Analytics, Master of Museum and Heritage Studies, Bachelor of Philosophy Science, Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering









The University of Melbourne





Bachelor and Master of Agricultural Engineering, Master of Business Analytics







The University of Sydney





Master of Engineering (Software Engineering), MBA, Bachelor of Science (Health), Bachelor of Economics









The University of Queensland







Master of Tourism, Hotel and Event Management, Bachelor of Health, Sports and Physical Education








The University of New South Wales (UNSW)







Bachelor of Science, Master of Mining Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), Bachelor of








Monash University






Master of Information Technology, Bachelor of Architectural Design, Master of Data Science, Master of Advanced Nursing








The University of Western Australia (UWA)








Master of Biological Science, Master of Professional Engineering, Bachelor of Marine Sciences, and Master of Biotechnology









The University of Technology Sydney






Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Accounting, Master of Artificial Intelligence, Master of Physiotherapy





$2000 per credit


University of Wollongong





Bachelor of Mathematics, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Computer Science, Master of Public Health, MBA





Estimate The Living Costs in Australia

Living expenses are another significant factor that greatly contributes to studying costs in Australia. Approximately on a yearly basis, international students will require spending 20000 AUD. Furthermore, your cost of living will hugely vary on the basis of different choices, kinds of residence areas, rent of accommodation, groceries, food, restaurant dining, expenses of nightlife, miscellaneous costs, etc. Have a look at a brief overview of the same-




Average Cost Per Month




300-800 AUD




50-90 AUD


Food and Groceries


250-420 AUD


Household Bills


20-30 AUD




120- 250 AUD




25-30 AUD

Assess Other Vital Expenses

Apart from the aforementioned expenses, there is a diverse range of other crucial costs needed to pursue abroad study in Australia. Take a look at some of the essential ones-

  • Student Visa- It is crucial to have an Australian student visa to pursue higher studies at any university in the country. The total cost of getting an Australian student visa is 650-700 AUD.
  • Health Insurance-International students also need health insurance before landing in the country for higher studies. The coverage must be from overseas student health. This cost may greatly range from 500- 3500 AUD.
  • Proof of Sufficient Funds- To pursue higher studies in the country, students also require adequate funds to bear the huge expenses. The minimum amount is 20,500 AUD/year.
  • Payment of Application Fees- Most universities in Australia tend to enquire about an application fee to cover the admission process. The cost of application fees ranges from AUD 133-150.

Consider Pre-Arrival Expenses

  • Entrance Exams- Most universities in Australia require an entrance exam. A brilliant score on various tests can improve your application for admission by notches. Have a look at the various popular exams you need to undertake, along with their approximate costs-

IELTS Registration Cost


280-350 AUD


Cost of TOEFL Registration


200-350 AUD


Fees of GMAT


280 AUD


Fees of GRE


350 AUD


  • Costs of Flight Tickets- The cost of flight tickets to Australia hugely depends on various aspects like the kind of airline, arrival, location of the destination, and the like. So, it is crucial to consider these expenses before you delve deep into planning.
  • Pay Attention To Your Taxes- International students cannot work in Australia without acquiring their Tax File Number (TFN). With this, you can work about 20 hours a week during full-time vacations and academic sessions. If you also opt to work along with your studies, your earned income will become taxable.

Scholarship Opportunities to Avail In Australia

A close look at reputed forums of best SOP writing services will reveal that international students should also apply for scholarships offered by public or private universities, the Australian government and higher educational institutions to deserving individuals. These can hugely reduce their studying costs.

Have a look at certain Australian scholarship opportunities you must check before you plan to apply for your dream course in a foreign land-

  • ANU Chancellor’s International Scholarship

This award can be given to 80 students who can hugely benefit from a 25-50% tuition fee waiver. The selection is done based on academic merit.

  • UNSW’s Future of Change Scholarship

This award is given based on academic merit. A stipend of AUD 10,000 per annum is rewarded to students enrolled in UG and PG courses for the minimum program duration.

  • Global Excellence Scholarship at UWA

This remarkable opportunity is open to both postgraduate and graduate students. The amount may vary from AUD 25000-50000 over two years on eligible courses.

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Summing Up,

In the current news, Australia has been trending for its educational development. The country has offered countless choices regarding universities, courses, remarkable education methods, and convenience fees for every international student. Now that you are well-versed with the costs of studying in Australia, put on a thinking cap, go through all the essentials, and plan to fulfil your academic endeavours in the best possible ways. Good luck!

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