Reputed manufacturers and suppliers invest a lot of funds in research and development so that they develop cable accessories that offer lasting performance year after year. Their products are high-quality and render peak performances even in the harshest, conditions including situations of high electrical, environmental, and thermal stress, among others.

Cable accessories from a reputed electrical insulation supply vendor are based on the technology of molecular cross-linked polymers. These are furnished with shape memory. Cross-linked products are far better than non-cross-linked ones with regard to chemical, thermal, and mechanical resistance. These accessories are a class apart due to their:

  • Augmented sealing and insulating attributes.
  • Superior mechanical toughness.
  • Resistance to chemicals & weathering.
  • Resistance to alkaline soils and UV radiation.
  • Availability of large shrink ratios.
  • More lasting shelf lives.

Ful-Scale Product Lines

Product lines are full-scale consisting of cable joints, sealing systems like busbar boots, busbar tubes, outdoor and indoor terminations, universal insulation, repair systems, and more. Accessories working at medium voltage levels come with stress control coating built into their insulating tubing. The insulating tubing works as an environmental sealant to cable lug in terminations, in addition to offering an erosion-resistant and non-tracking surface.

Heat Shrink Products

Heat shrink products which form up a large part of the cable accessories allow an easy installation with a propane gas torch being the single requirement. When employed, the heat shrink parts are adequately stretched to slide snugly over the cable and protect it from environmental and chemical elements.

The underlying adhesive liquefies to seal all voids & grooves. The accessories provided by a reputed electrical insulation supply vendor start functioning right after they are installed. Installation concerned risks are gotten rid of by avoiding the work of soldering. There are no complications of damaging or dirty residues, which otherwise would accrue additional disposal costs. The focus is mainly on the use of as much eco-friendly material as possible by manufacturers with a high reputation. Concern about social responsibility is paramount in their minds.

Quality Is 100% Assured

When it comes to the quality of the products, reputed manufacturers and vendors do not introduce any of their products in the market without first, undergoing stringent testing on varied parameters. They guarantee that their products and accessories are conforming to leading national and global standards. Monitoring of the quality standards starting from the raw material stage right up till the final packaged stage is done and documented. Owing to having top-grade systems in place these manufacturers are awarded re-certification under international standards.

The entire line of power cable accessories is, supplied with the requisite instruction manuals. And come accompanied by relevant electrical insulation materials. Reputed manufacturers are very serious about customer feedback and continuously strive to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

The Bottom Line

There can be, as you can see no compromise on the cable accessories’ manufacturer’s reputation. The bottom line is, it is worth paying a little extra if you want to be assured of the quality, performance, and reliability of your cable accessories.

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