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We know that to be successful, you need effort and, most importantly, a strategy for your business. A blog is an essential part of this process.


Blogs and web positioning

Everyone, and more specifically the gurus, told you that social media was the new boom. So, how many words should a blog post be for SEO?

We have seen very specific examples of companies that are not active on social media channels but who manage to create a corporate site that generates traffic and trust, which could be considered a success story of web page design.

Google is known for changing the rules of web positioning now and again. Yet, good content is the constant in all of this evolution.


The blog as a brand image

Inconsistent or poorly focused communication strategies are first to be exposed. When you provide regular contributions to your audience, it is as an expert in that area. no crisis weakens the foundations of your brand image.

We insist that you will require:

  •  Contents are solutions for your customers, current and potential.
  •  Regularity – Make it active and dynamic, not just a post. Also, you must publish something yes or no according to my marketing plan.
  •  Knowledge – Fill by filling out pages of content, without having to be an expert. Google can give you visits today but will take them away tomorrow (almost literally) if the user doesn’t stay in the article.

There are other benefits to a corporate blog that your business may not have considered.

These are just a few of the reasons to start a company website, even if you don’t work on the content. There are many more.


You don’t need to rely on foreign platforms

The blog and the contents are theirs. Copyright is maintained. Management and responsibility for how and where it arrives are also ours unless we are robbed.

Because social networks can be influenced by elements beyond our control. We know their algorithms and adapt our actions accordingly.

With a website, we still depend on search engine spiders, but we have more space.


Virtual networking

Did you know that the blog and its promotion through various digital channels have allowed us to get in touch with other professionals we admire? Also, there is a lot more talent out there that you can tap into, too.

Digital marketing is about building trust and attracting attention. You get more value if you share your knowledge and don’t feel pressure to receive feedback.


Some basic tips to create a blog

Let’s face it, yes. Every day, blogs publish millions of articles. Also, every day, blogs publish millions of articles. 90% are focused on their business. 5% are dedicated to solving the knowledge needs of their audience (current and potential).


Who are you addressing?

Understanding your audience will help you choose the right topics. Entrepreneurs are often unaware of the content possibilities that exist by simply writing down questions customers have about their products and services.


What can you expect to find?

All the artificial intelligence that search engines use to provide satisfactory answers comes from the search intent. Also, talk like your client and you’ll be able to help him find you.



You must also be consistent. You will be considered a reference and they will expect you to continue creating new content. Therefore you should understand how much duplicate content is acceptable.


You must consider the user experience

It is possible to respond to their needs without compromising getting them to read all the content and browse the web to recommend you.

While there are blogs that are only good at attracting readers with their texts, our experience shows that when all the details are taken care of how they can be consumed, it results in more permanence, more pageviews, more positioning, and more traffic. It’s like a whiting that bites its tail.

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A good SEO strategy for corporate blogs

Essential. It is essential. Analyze keywords that are being searched by your competitors and make sure you don’t use the same keyword on posts, service pages, or product pages.

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