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Whether for salon or at-home colouring, a lot of people want ammonia-free colours. Although ammonia has a strong, unpleasant smell that can irritate the skin, eyes, and nose, few consumers are aware of the benefits of PPD-free colour.

What is PPD?

PPD, or paraphenylenediamine, is its common name. It is an aromatic amine substance that is frequently used in hair dyes due to its efficiency in depositing and delivering colour, especially darker colour.

Is PPD Dangerous?

PPD has been linked to both less severe allergic contact dermatitis and minor skin irritants. Eczema and other skin diseases sufferers may find PPD unpleasant. Some people have severe reactions if they are exposed to PPD because they are allergic to it.

Prof. Mokbel, one of the study’s authors, suggests that it is better to stay away from hair colour products that contain more than 2% PPD.

Even years of colouring without a reaction can cause some people to experience a reaction to PPD after being exposed to it repeatedly. As a result, everyone who intends to colour their hair should follow the directions and perform a sensitivity patch test first.

Alternatives Without PPD :

Scientists have created substitute chemicals that deposit colour as effectively as PPD without carrying the same level of risk. The most recent medical advice is to limit your exposure to PPD due to its negative health impacts, even if you do not have a PPD allergy.

PPD Free, Healthier Natural Brown Hair Colour :

The Shade has developed a line of PPD-free at-home colours with salon-caliber colour performance. We supply your colour to your home when you need it since we care about your health and welfare and want to help you a little bit.

Our selection of PPD-free colours uses efficient substitutes to give you salon-quality, healthier colour that you can be proud of.

One More Reminder :

Before dying your hair, always do a patch test at least two days beforehand, especially if you’re using a more natural dye or a product you’ve used without incident in the past.

Follow directions precisely, and always double-check the ingredients because they can occasionally vary.

Although no hair dye can be guaranteed to be 100% safe, serious reactions are quite uncommon.

If you’ve ever experienced a reaction to hair colour, see a dermatologist for a formal diagnosis and patch testing.

If you’ve ever gotten a black henna temporary tattoo, you must strictly avoid PPD, PTD because it may make you more sensitive.

With just one application, the indus valley natural black hair colour kit covers grey hair and permanently colours hair. The one and only permanent hair dye that contains wheat germ, aloe vera, amla, jojoba, sunflower, and certified orange. A rich, radiant, and long-lasting colour, volume, and shine are made possible by its ingredients, which also protect, moisturise, and nourish hair. Indus Valley Gel hair colour will cover grey hair and is made with pharmaceutically regulated ingredients of the highest cosmetics quality. It has also been dermatologically tested and approved by the USFDA.

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