smokeless charcoal

If you want that lovely, smokey flavor, which is better to cook food over: charcoal or wood? The answer to your question is not obvious, however this summer, smoking some luscious meats or veggies over an open flame is a fantastic way to employ both smokeless charcoal and wood.

In order to assist you in selecting the fuel that is most appropriate for your needs, we will detail what to expect from each of these fuels as well as why it is critical to choose a dependable source of clean fuel.

Grilling involves the use of charcoal.

If you’ve ever been to a barbecue, you’ve probably had some food that was grilled over charcoal and then smoked (which includes various different varieties, including briquettes, lump wood charcoal and restaurant grade charcoal). They can set up your grill in a systematic manner and have your barbeque going in no time with a few firelighters.

You have complete control over the levels of direct and indirect heat created by your barbecue when you use charcoal as a fire source. This allows cooked meal components to be moved to other grilling zones without having to restart the cooking process. Charcoal also provides a subtle smoky flavor for cooking summertime favorites like burgers, steaks, and sausages. This ensures that the flavor of your dish is always authentically barbecued.

Grilling over a wood or charcoal fire

In recent years, cooking meals over an open flame while smoking it with wood has become increasingly popular. Everything, including pizza and fowl, can now be smoked in this manner. One advantage of smoking food over wood is that you may select the type of wood that best complements the flavors of the dish. Pecan wood, for example, is a terrific choice for low and slow cooking and provides far deeper, more smokey flavors than hickory. Hickory, on the other hand, has a subtle, subdued smokiness to it.

When you choose a wood source that is both environmentally safe and free of toxic chemicals, such as the kiln-dried firewood that we offer, you can rest assured that the wood you’re using to cook your dinner is 100 percent natural and will add exquisitely subtle flavors to the dish. The main disadvantage of this method is that grilling with wood is more difficult to master than cooking with charcoal; as a result, you may not get it properly the first time. Some foods, such as pork and chicken breast, are particularly well suited to being smoked over wood.

The question of whether to utilize charcoal or wood is now being debated.

The truth is that whether you smoke your food over wood or charcoal, you can still enjoy a fantastic summer smokeless charcoal grill. The most important step, though, is selecting the proper fuel for your grill. It is the greatest material to use for home meal preparation because it is completely natural, manufactured from renewable resources, and does not include any chemicals.

Grilling your meat over coal, which is available in a range of barbecue charcoal, will give it the true barbecue flavor you’re looking for this summer. You might also wish to consider Ecoal, a new smokeless coal created from olive pits.

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