What You Need to Know Before Applying for an Indian Visa in Finland

India is an incredibly beautiful nation, known for its culture and spirituality, and is a beloved travel destination for tourists from all around the world. For those from Finland and Hungary in particular, you will need a visa before you can enter India’s border.

What is an Indian visa from Finland and Hungary?

Applying for an Indian visa as a citizen of Finland or Hungary is relatively straightforward. All visa applications must be filled out through the India Visa Online (IVO) program, available both on the official website of the Indian Government and as an app to be downloaded onto your phone. Here, you can create an account, fill out an application form and submit documents such as your passport, photographs of yourself, address proof, return or onward travel plans, and evidence of financial solvency, such as bank statements. Indian Visa from Finland

What are the requirements for an Indian visa from Finland and Hungary?

Once you have submitted your application, you must wait for a response from the Indian government. This wait time varies depending on the type of visa you have applied for, and in some cases, security clearances may be required as part of the process. It is usually a good idea to submit your application well before you plan to leave for India, as the processing time can sometimes take a few days or even weeks longer than expected.

What are the benefits of an Indian visa from Finland and Hungary?

Visitors from Finland and Hungary can apply for any of the common types of visas issued to foreign visitors, including tourist, business, employment, student, and medical visas. Many of these visas are valid for multi-entry – that is, they allow you to exit and re-enter India as many times as you desire within the valid period of your visa. Student and employment visas, however, are usually single-entry, meaning you will need to request a renewal if you plan to leave and re-enter India during the period of your visa. Indian Visa from Hungary

The validity period of each visa varies depending on its type, but often range from 6 months up to 5 years from the date of issue. Extensions are also sometimes possible but must be applied for before the visa’s expiration date.


In conclusion, applying for an Indian visa as a citizen of Finland or Hungary is a relatively simple process. With the IVO program, you can apply for a variety of visas with relative ease, and enjoy the stunning beauty of India for up to five years.

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