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When it comes to choosing the best vapes for producing lots of smoke are optimised to use high-strength E-liquids. Such devices are designed for use by heavy smokers, as they prefer a massive cloud of smoke and high potency of nicotine intake. The density of your vape liquid matters in this a lot as it determines the flavours and vapour production.

In this blog, we shall discuss the characteristics of high vapour-producing devices, how to identify them, and how they are ideal for heavy smokers transitioning.

Maximum Vapour Vape Kits for Heavy Smokers

Heavy vapour production is ideal for heavy smokers; such devices offer the perfect vapour production that perfectly suits the individual needs of heavy smokers. Plus, for high vapour production, you should go for a device with low wattage, made to work with higher nicotine-level  Vape Liquids.

Identification of Vape Kits

For the most part, you will be easily able to identify a device for higher vapour production, sometimes by looking at it. Such vapes are designed for the higher strength crystal bar 4000 puffs and shall come with tight airflow properties.

For facilitating tighter airflow, these devices have small intake vents and a narrower mouthpiece that may or may not resemble the size and shape of a cigarette filter.

Why do heavy smokers need high vapour-producing devices?

Considerations for Heavy Smokers

When choosing heavy vapour-producing devices, it all comes down to the personal preferences of heavy smokers. Vape 88 Eliquids are best suited to the needs of vapers.

As most heavy smokers are used to smoking ten cigarettes or more each day, thus nicotine intake will be important, in addition to the vaping technique you use, plus the battery life of your device.

Let’s discuss each of these considerations step by step for heavy smokers:

Differences between MTL and DTL Devices

First of all, let’s consider the vaping technique; when heavy smokers switch to vaping, they will mostly use (MTL) mouth-to-lung devices. This process offers the drag that most smokers are familiar with. Smokers instinctively inhale smoke into their mouths, holding it for a few moments. And then taking it down to the lungs before exhaling.   IVG Vape juice provides you with the best flavourful experience from the vape.

The MTL devices are better suited and ideal for transitioning heavy smokers.

On the flip side, the DTL or direct-to-lung vapes work by effectively bypassing the mouth. And going straight to the lungs before exhaling. This process becomes smoother when coupled with a higher VG Vape Liquid. This combo is popular with most skilled vapers who prefer a high wattage of the device and a looser draw.

E-Liquid Considerations for Maximum Vape Clouds

While a more significant ratio of PG shall be thin in consistency, offering a cooler vape. In contrast, the bigger ratio of VG produces thicker and denser clouds of flavourful vapours that feel warm in the throat. What you need to do is keep experimenting with the ratios and nicotine content while also mixing up some flavours.

Take Away

Every vaping device and vaper is different from each other, so you can’t expect the same results with the different ones.

You must always go for options and combos that speak to your specific needs; this way, you can effectively work on quitting smoking as a habit. Transitioning smokers go through a lot as it is, and getting their hands on perfect vape devices like Voopoo Vinci plays an integral part in their transitioning phases.

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