CISA certification serves as a means of assessing and attesting to the superior knowledge, abilities, and judgment of those working in information system audit, control, and security. The CISA certificate assesses knowledge in the following areas: business continuity and disaster recovery; information system audit process; IT governance; system and infrastructure life cycle; IT service delivery and support. Candidates must successfully complete the CISA examination, adhere to the ISACA code of professional ethics, provide convincing proof of five years of work experience (or equivalent experience) in the field of information system audit, control, or security, and enroll in the CISA continuing education program in order to obtain the CISA certification (after obtaining the certification).


CISM (Information Security Manager)

The CISM certification is intended for information security managers and professional staff who are in charge of information security management. This ensures that certified staff members given to senior management have the knowledge necessary for efficient security management and consulting. In principle, the certification takes management, design, and technological security concerns into consideration and is business-oriented, focused on information risk management. The CISM certification in Memphis assesses knowledge in the following areas: emergency management and response, information security governance, information risk management, information security software development, and information security software management. Information security professionals must complete the CISM test successfully, adhere to the ISACA-developed norms for professional ethics, and provide valid certification materials for five years in order to get the CISM certification. Information security-related job experience, three years of management experience in related industries, participation in the CISM Vocational Continued Education Plan (after certification). More than 86000 professionals have earned the CISA certification since its founding. Also, approximately 10000 people have earned their CISM certification.


CGEIT (Enterprise IT Governance Certification)

Executives and management teams have long understood the significance of corporate and corporate governance requirements. Information technology (IT) is becoming more and more vital in attaining company goals and offering advantages. People are progressively coming to the realization that governance must encompass all areas, not just Technology. Corporate governance and maintaining leadership consistency with business structure both rely heavily on IT governance. Also, the appropriate IT governance approach may strengthen company strategy and objectives while ensuring the long-term growth of enterprise IT. The IT Governance Institution (ITGI), which focuses on original research, publication, resources, and collections of essays relating to IT governance and related themes, was founded by ISACA in 1998 when it became aware of this development. In order to encourage and assist and rivalry, as well as the development of work abilities, talents, and experience, as well as the promotion of participants’ professional standing. The accreditation can also provide value for businesses by placing them in the hands of seasoned IT governance specialists for demonstration. Professionals with extensive management, consulting, or assurance expertise in IT governance are the primary target audience for the particular certification procedure. This certification is ideal for people who wish to gain expertise and understanding in governance. The certification is also appropriate for the following groups: those who must support IT governance for expanding businesses; those who wish to comprehend and grasp the practice and issues of IT governance; and professionals who are thought to have duties or obligations.when IT governance is put into practice.


Fuzhou SIBO Network Technology Co., Ltd., often known as SPOTO SIBONetwork, is a global online university for IT professionals. It is dedicated to developing top-tier IT talent and advancing the professional development of IT Internet talent. We continue to add value for customers and unleash individual potential by offering competitive training products and dependable services in the areas of Cisco certification, HUAWEI certification, CISSP information security certification, Linux, Cloud computing, Big data, and artificial intelligence. We must keep innovating to meet customer demands, spend more in curriculum research and development, build steadily, encourage professional development, and shorten the time it takes to teach ICT architects for the entire world. SPOTO SIBONetwork, established in 2003, is knowledgeable about the rule governing the growth of the IT sector. A special IT Internet technology talent training method has resulted from 18 years of certification training expertise starting with the real certification requirements. Six continents and 152 nations are covered by its operations. It is a true worldwide institution for education and talent development in Internet technology. Over the past 18 years, SPOTO SIBO Network has consistently prioritized the development of IT talent, remained committed to its mission of “helping customers succeed, helping employees succeed, and helping partners succeed,” insisted on innovation, aided the growth of IT technical talent with an effective curriculum system and high-quality service experience, and insisted on placing the needs of its customers at the center of its business strategy. to a profession in education and persevered in critical of oneself. 


  • 2003 saw the establishment of Fuzhou SIBO Network Technology Co., Ltd.
  • In 2006, SPOTO SIBO Network established itself in Shanghai, built its own paid practical course, and began accepting students.
  • In 2009, SPOTO SIBO Network rose to prominence as Ruijie network’s largest technical service provider in East and South China and as the network’s human resources service provider, helping students take home the silver medal in the Third Strait Cup Computer Software Design Competition.
  • In 2010, SPOTO SIBO Network established cooperative training facilities for its employees at the Fujian Agricultural and Forestry University, Fujian University of Technology, Sanya University, Fujian Normal University, and other institutions of higher learning.
  • SPOTO SIBO Network joined the first round of Taobao education partners in 2015.
  • SPOTO SIBO Network changed its name to the leader in China’s Cisco Certification CCIE market. Reach 500 IE in teaching.
  • The SPOTO SIBO Network participated in the 2017 Fujian Brand Impact General Selection, was chosen as one of the “Top Ten Influential Brands in Fujian,” received the 2017 “Benevolent Business Award,” and joined the worldwide IT international certification abroad training.
  • SPOTO SIBO Network was invited to the fourth Internet+ Digital Economy Conference in 2018 and concluded a security collaboration with Arnhem. For a second time, SPOTO SIBO Network was awarded the title of Tencent Classroom’s Annual Official Certification Institution.
  • 2019 teaching milestone: A total of 1951 IE specialists have been trained. 844 IE professionals have been educated to teach history monuments in a single year. The quantity of
  • More than 13000 new VIP students have been enrolled, and the number of online lectures has surpassed 310000. The SPOTO SIBO Network has been chosen as a Tencent Cloud official authorized partner and a national high-tech firm. The students were chosen as Tencent’s Strictly-selected Course Certification and come from 150 different nations and areas (4 from 60000 institutions). SPOTO SIBO Network obtained the title of Tencent Classroom’s Annual Official Certification Institution for a third consecutive year.

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