Durban Poison Terpene

The strong and distinct citrusy flavors that the Durban Poison terpene has is enough to entice you and make you want to use it. Its origins can be traced back to South Africa, to the city of Durban. It is wildly popular among users who want a strong accented aroma.

How Potent is the Durban Poison?

If you have been looking for a mightily potent strain, then your search ends with this one! The pure Sativa strain is potent and the first few minutes of it can feel like a major blow to the head. With THC levels reaching almost 24%, it is one of the most well-known the strong terpenes available.

How does one Feel After Using the Durban Poison?

As with most strains, people can react in multiple ways. But productive, creative, energetic, and focused are some of the adjectives users have widely spoken about. So you can expect likewise.

When you use it, you will be hit with a strong head buzz which will last a few minutes. After this goes away, you will enjoy mental clarity and awareness which is wonderful for creative work, any kind of art project and even performing daytime errands.

Use it when you have some simple and casual chores to get done and you need a little buzz to help you do them. It gives off a happy effect, making it a good daytime strain to use.

Using Terpene Spray for Weed

There are many ways this strain can be used. One of the most effective ways to use it is as a spray. You can spray the terpene on dried weeds or herbs and the aromas will infuse your home and make it a feel-good place.

In fact, using terpene spray for weed is one of the most popular ways people use it. If you choose to use the strain this way, make sure to buy from a company that is known for its 100% pure terpenes. This way you get to use the undiluted spray for maximum efficacy.

So the next time you feel the urge to use a time-tested and hardy strain that will give you a strong effect, the Durban Poison is the one to choose. The plant-based and non-GMO version gives the citrusy and pine scents you can’t get enough of whenever you want to feel happy and focused.


Is Durban Poison 100% Sativa?

As mentioned above, Durban Poison is a pure Sativa strain that comes from a single ancestor on the south coast of Africa. Purely grown Durban Poison, which is very hard to find, comprises only Sativa genes, nothing else.

Is Durban Poison good for focus?

Durban Poison is a popular strain for people who want to feel a lot of energy and happiness. Enjoy feeling more focused and calm. The happy body high goes well with the focus boost in the brain. Durban Poison is the energetic buzz.

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