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The Best Data Scraper To Scrape Google Maps Local Businesses

Sites like Google Maps, Yellow Pages, White Pages, and Trip Advisor contain the largest business listing databases in the world. But they are not willing to share this business information for free. So how do you collect this data from the business profiles listed on Google Maps?

Do you really want to waste your time and money copying and pasting this information from Google Maps by hand? What you need is a fully automated solution that visits Google Maps and collects those specific business listings for you. And I have the best data scraper for you to scrape local and international business data from Google Maps.

Google Maps Extractor Tool makes it easy to collect Google Maps data without encryption or blocking. All it takes is one click to scrape Google Maps. Using Google Maps Scraper software, you may extract hundreds of business listings from Google Maps in minutes.

What Is The Google Map Extractor?

Google Maps Data Scraper is computer software that can search the businesses of the Google Maps website on the Internet to find business information that can boost your business. Business data extracted from Google Maps can be converted to Excel, CSV, and text format with this Google Maps Crawler software.

It’s too expensive to hire a programmer and pay the hourly rate to create your own custom Google Maps Lead Extractor. You might have tried a data-mining company’s database, but they’re expensive and can include irrelevant or outdated business information.

The problem with each of these solutions is that you have to pay for every single category and country. What if you determine next week that you also need to scrape business information from another region, category, or location? You have to start this process again if you need Google Maps data for any other location or keyword.

If you are using this method then you are dependent on others. You should always trust someone else to scrape Google Maps data, which can be costly and time-consuming. By using Google Maps Extractor, you are your own boss. You can scrape Google Maps data for any category, location, and country with this data extractor whenever you want.

Why Use Google Map Extractor Software?

The Google Maps Email Extractor software allows you to get basic business information such as business name, phone number, fax number, email address, image link, rating, reviews, category, etc., which makes it useful for marketing and sales tools. You don’t need to learn any programming skills to use this web scraper.

Google Maps Data Extractor is an easy-to-use solution that allows you to collect specific business data even while you sleep or go out to lunch. Your own personalized business scraping tool that extracts everything you want, when you want, fully automatically. Google Maps Contact Extractor is developed with customer feedback in mind. Unlike other Google Maps scrapers, there is no learning curve, complicated user interface, and no programming. The Google Maps data mine literally works at the touch of a button that anyone can use.


  • Scrape targeted business data from Google Maps
  • Extract data based on keywords and URLs
  • Email Extraction from Google Maps
  • Schedule Google Maps Scraping
  • Before extraction filters
  • After Extraction Filters
  • Auto-Scroll loaded page
  • Automatically click anywhere
  • Auto-Pagination, and more.

Closing Thoughts

In short, Google Maps Data Extractor is a powerful tool for generating business leads from Google Maps. Google Maps Scraping can be beneficial as long as it is used keeping in mind the wishes of the target website and with respect to any individual whose data has been collected from Google Maps. Further, Google Maps data extraction with the Google Map Extractor is a completely legal process as it extracts only publicly available data from Google Maps.

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