What is safe-assign on the blackboard?

SafeAssign is a plagiarism prevention tool that is integrated into Blackboard, a popular learning management system used by many educational institutions. SafeAssign compares submitted assignments against a database of academic papers and internet sources to detect potential plagiarism.

How does SafeAssign work?

When a student submits an assignment through Blackboard,   gmu blackboard SafeAssign automatically checks the document for any matching text from other sources. The tool searches a vast database that includes:

  • Over 80 million scholarly articles
  • 10+ billion web pages
  • 30+ million student papers

Once the document has been checked, SafeAssign generates an originality report. This report highlights any text that matches with other sources and provides a similarity score. Instructors can access this report to review and evaluate the assignment.

SafeAssign’s Originality Report

The SafeAssign originality report shows the percentage of the document that matches other sources and provides a list of the matching sources. This report helps instructors determine whether the assignment is original or whether the student has plagiarized. Instructors can use this report to help students improve their writing and citation skills. SafeAssign’s originality report includes the following information:

  • Overall similarity score: The percentage of the assignment that matches other sources.
  • Sources: A list of sources that have matching text to the submitted assignment.
  • Direct source comparison: Side-by-side comparison of the submitted text and the matching source text.
  • Matching text: Text that matches other sources is highlighted and color-coded in the originality report.

Why use SafeAssign?

Using SafeAssign can benefit both instructors and students. Here are some reasons why SafeAssign is useful:

  • Prevents plagiarism: SafeAssign helps detect plagiarism and encourages students to submit original work.
  • Provides feedback: The originality report generated by SafeAssign helps instructors provide feedback on students’ writing and citation skills.
  • Encourages academic honesty: By using SafeAssign, students are reminded of the importance of academic honesty and the consequences of plagiarism.
  • Saves time: SafeAssign automates the plagiarism detection process, saving instructors time and effort.

How to use SafeAssign?

If your institution has enabled SafeAssign, you can access the tool through Blackboard. Here are the steps to use SafeAssign:

  1. Create an assignment: Create a new assignment in Blackboard and select “SafeAssign” under the Submission Details section.
  2. Enable plagiarism detection: Enable plagiarism detection by selecting “Check submissions for plagiarism using SafeAssign” under the Plagiarism Tools section.
  3. Submit the assignment: Students can submit their assignment through Blackboard, and SafeAssign will automatically check the document for plagiarism.
  4. View the originality report: Instructors can access the originality report by clicking on the assignment and selecting “View Attempts.”
  5. Review the originality report: Review the originality report to identify any matching text and provide feedback to the student.

Final words

SafeAssign is an essential tool that helps prevent plagiarism and encourages academic honesty. By using SafeAssign, instructors can save time and provide valuable feedback to students, helping them improve their writing and citation skills. Students can benefit from using SafeAssign by learning about the importance of academic integrity and the consequences of plagiarism.


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