You must have dealt with a situation where you regularly clean your rug, but still, it does not remove any stains or odor perfectly. For perfect cleaning, you must hire a professional rug cleaning service.

However, if you are hiring them for the first time, then here are some things you can expect from a rug cleaning service.


 When you call a rug cleaning company, they will send a person to your house to create an estimation of the job. A pro tip is that you should never hire a rug cleaning service that provides you with an estimate via call. The person would note down the carpet dimensions and analyze the damage done to the carpet like burns, stains, etc.

At last, this person would give you a rough idea of what you will be paying for the job.

Dry Vacuuming

The rug cleaning service would clean the rug thoroughly with the help of dry vacuuming. It is one of the most vital steps in rug cleaning and you should make sure that they do not miss this step. If this step is missed, then the stains will not be gone from the carpet and it will look unpleasant to you and any guests that may arrive.

Therefore, dry vacuuming should be done by professionals in the proper manner for the best results.

Extra Costing

Do not ever expect the company to move or remove your furniture. If they remove the furniture while doing the job, chances are that they would certainly bill you a little bit extra for the job. If you do not want to pay extra, then it is advised that you keep your furniture aside by yourself beforehand.

This would make the job easier for the professionals and would cost you a little less.

Eco-friendly Products

 The company would make sure to use natural products which would not harm the house as well as the rug. There are some companies that use cheap products which are not beneficial in the long run. You should always choose eco-friendly products over cheap ones as they are safer for you and your family.

Eco-friendly products may be a little on the costlier side, but they give the benefits of long shelf life and a safe environment for your family and pets.


 Every legit rug cleaning service would guarantee customer satisfaction. Rug cleaning can be a tough job and these professionals make sure to conduct a perfect job and make your rug as good as new. It is not at all usual for the stains to come back in some time, but if they do you can always get a refund if the company is determined to give a satisfaction guarantee.

An expert rug cleaning service would make sure to get all the stains and odour out of the rug.


 At the end of the day, a rug cleaning service would do a perfect job in cleaning or even restoring your rug. You should expect a few things before you hire one.

If you want to hire a professional rug cleaning service, then London Clean Carpet is a perfect choice. They have the best services at good prices.

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