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In the modern corporate environment, commercial door entry systems are a crucial component of building security. They offer a quick and safe means for customers, clients, and visitors to enter business facilities.

The demand for greater access control and the growth in security concerns have made these systems more and more common in recent years. The fundamentals of Commercial Door Entry Systems, including their varieties, advantages, and installation, will be covered in this article.

Commercial door entry system types:

Card Access Systems:

The most popular kind of business door entry system is the card access system. To operate them, you need a card or key fob to open the door. The card or key fob has a special code that the door reader reads to open the door by sending a signal to the door lock.

Biometric Systems:

Biometric systems identify users and give access using fingerprint or face recognition technologies. They are quite safe and are frequently utilized in high-security buildings like data centers or governmental structures.

Keypad Systems:

In order to get access, a special code must be entered by the user on a keypad system. For increased protection, they are frequently used in combination with other access control systems like card access or biometric systems.

Proximity Systems:

To obtain admission, a key fob or card must be waved in front of the door reader with proximity systems. But, they don’t need as much direct physical touch with the scanner as card access methods do.

Commercial door entry systems’ advantages include:

Improved Security:

By limiting entrance to the facility to just authorized individuals, commercial door entry systems boost security. Alongside boosting security, they may be utilized to limit access to specific portions of the facility.


Without the need for physical keys or manual locks, commercial door entry systems give customers, clients, and visitors an easy method to enter the property.

Building access surveillance:

Commercial door entry systems enable building managers to keep an eye on building access and keep tabs on who is entering and exiting. This can be helpful in circumstances when access has to be limited, such as after hours.

Integration with Other Security Systems:

To offer a complete security solution, commercial door entry systems may be combined with other security systems like CCTV cameras and alarm systems.

Commercial door entry system installation:

Commercial door entry system installation calls for the assistance of a qualified installer with expertise in installing these kinds of systems. The stages involved in installation are as follows:

Site Survey:

To evaluate the layout of the building and choose the optimal place for the door entry system. The installation will conduct a site assessment.

System Design:

The installer will create a door entry system that satisfies the building’s security standards based on the results of the site survey.

Required hardware:

The installation will choose the required hardware, such as door readers, locks, and access control software.


The door entry system, comprising the door reader, lock, and access control software, will be installed by the installer.


The system will be put through its paces by the installer to make sure everything is operating as it should and that it is operating appropriately.


The installer will instruct building managers and staff members on how to utilize the access control program and door entry system.

Door Entry System Installation Contractors call for the assistance of a qualified installer with expertise in installing these kinds of systems. Businesses can increase security and offer a safer environment for their staff, clients, and visitors with the correct system in place.

Door Entry System Installation

Installation of door entry systems is crucial for a number of reasons. Regulating who enters the property, first and foremost gives inhabitants or occupants of a building security and peace of mind. By doing so, theft, unauthorized access, and other illegal activity may be avoided.

Door entry systems may also make a building more convenient and accessible by enabling keyless entry and remote access control. Monitoring and controlling access to particular parts of a building, such as offices or restricted zones, may also be done in this way. In general, a door entry system is an essential part of a building’s security and may assist guarantee the protection of residents and property.

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