Enhance your knowledge on natural diamond gemstone grade and value with this comprehensive guide! Learn everything you need to know about unique diamond qualities and what makes them valuable.

Diamonds are one of the most prized gemstones, revered for their beauty, rarity and value. But not all diamonds are created equal – there’s a wide variety of factors that contribute to a diamond’s grade and value. This guide will cover the unique qualities that make each diamond special, as well as what determines its overall worth.

Think About Carat Weight and Accessories Prices.

When evaluating diamond values and grade, you’ll want to consider the carat weight or size of the diamond. Generally speaking, the larger the diamond, the higher its price tag. As for accessories such as setting (ring mounting), those can also vary in cost depending on the materials used and its design complexity. It may come at a considerable extra charge to have a gold rather than silver ring setting, for example.

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