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If you don’t have months or years to devote to learning how to drive, you may take an intensive course in the UK and be ready to take the test in as little as two.¬†According to DVSA, the typical number of lessons a new driver needs before taking their practical exam is 47. For this reason, there has been a rise in interest in shorter, more concentrated driving courses that nonetheless cover all the necessary material. To pass your driving test sooner, let’s talk about what intensive driving courses are and how they work.

Where can I learn more about UK intensive driving courses?

What exactly is a crash course in driving?

An intensive driving course, sometimes known as a crash course, is designed to provide you the knowledge and experience you need to pass your driving test as quickly as possible. If you want to attend the intensive driving course in the UK, you’ll require a provisional driving license from that country. If you plan on using your own vehicle, you’ll also require learner driver insurance. Most UK driving schools will require you to have passed your theory test before enrolling in their crash course, although it is possible to take both the theoretical and practical exams as part of the course. Driving schools favor this, as passing the theoretical test first demonstrates a minimum level of competence behind the wheel. You have the option of enrolling in a crash course at a location convenient to you, or enrolling in a course that requires you to spend time away from home. You can buy yourself some time while you study for your theory exam by enrolling in a semi-intensive driving school if you lack the necessary self-assurance.

What are some of the things you might expect to perform during a crash course in driving?

Most intensive driving courses in the UK feature private lessons with a professional driver trainer. While regular driving lessons cover everything in a linear fashion, intensive courses can be tailored to address your specific concerns. Read more: What happens after I pass my driving test? After finishing the course, you will be eligible for a streamlined practical driving exam. If you decide to enroll in a classroom-based program, you’ll have to travel to a designated training facility to learn the ins and outs of driving safely and legally. The facility will pair you with a certified driving teacher who will give you daily training.

How long does a defensive driving course last?

The standard amount of time for intensive driving training is undefined. However, the duration of these crash courses will only be a week or two at most. Please note that each driving lesson will involve at least five hours per day of actual driving time. In addition, a two-crash crash course with a total of 10 hours of training is available to those who have already taken a few driving lessons here and there. Contact your local driving school and have them evaluate you to see which course is most suited to your needs if you are unsure of how much training you need.

The price of a quick driving school course?

In many cases, the cost of an intensive driving course is less than that of a standard driving school. People often choose a crash course over weekly driving lessons because of the time and money savings. If you just need to brush up on your skills, you can consider taking a one-day intensive driving course for roughly $200. The average cost of a crash course lasting two weeks in the United Kingdom is roughly $2,000. While the first outlay might seem manageable, the average hourly rate for driving school is roughly ¬£24. If you take 47 hours of regular driving instruction, you’ll spend more than ¬£1000. In addition, there is the expense of paying for both the written and driving examinations.

Where can I enroll in a crash course in driving?

The intense courses offered by driving schools across the UK make it simple to choose one in close proximity to your home. You shouldn’t just go with the lowest choice without first investigating their legitimacy and success rate. A residential course is a great option if you want to learn how to drive in a distraction-free environment. Here, the classroom isn’t going to be in your living room.

Does taking an intensive driving course ensure success?

You will learn everything you need to know to succeed on the practical exam from your intensive course instructor. The results of your driving test, however, will be evaluated objectively by a government official. Your driving teacher or school cannot, therefore, ensure your success. Avoid schools that promise a sure thing on the driving exam; your success is entirely up to you. Always choose a driving instructor who has been verified as meeting DVSA requirements.

Should I enroll in a crash course for drivers?

Not everyone benefits most from intensive instruction. A five-day intensive driving course may be too much for someone who has never driven before or who is unfamiliar with the theoretical rules of the road. However, intense instruction can be useful if you already know how to operate the brakes, the steering wheel, and the clutch. Read more on airline CPL course. Don’t put undue stress on yourself to pass the test right away. Five hours of driving school every day is a lot of time commitment, but if you’re adept at handling stress, it’s doable. Those who merely need a refresher lesson before taking their driving test might also benefit from an intensive program.

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