Have you ever thought about wearing invisible braces? If Invisalign you haven’t been blessed with perfect teeth, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve considered teeth straightening at some point, maybe even just briefly. The problem is that for many people over the age of 16, the idea of wearing a traditional metal clasp just isn’t willing to give it much thought.


The problem with regular braces is that they are big, uncomfortable and very obvious and can sometimes cause problems like ulcers. So the fact that we can now use invisible braces means that a great many people have come back to the idea and considered the possibility. However, many people who could really benefit from teeth straightening haven’t found an easier way to find out because of some common misconceptions, fears, and questions, all of which can be easily addressed.


In this article we will briefly look at some of the most common questions about invisible braces or clear braces as provided by Invisalign and try to provide some answers to help those who might be tempted to find out at least a little more to do just that.


One of the first questions people have is whether invisible braces are really invisible. Of course, even with today’s technology, invisibility is quite difficult to achieve, which is why they are more commonly referred to as clear braces. Because invisible braces are very small, thin and fit your teeth perfectly and are made of a totally see-through material that is completely transparent, they are very difficult to see.


In fact, if you were in a room with people chatting to each other all afternoon, you’d probably leave the room without knowing who wears braces and who doesn’t. It really would be so hard to say. Unless you know what to look for , and unless you really look closely at a person’s teeth, you can’t almost certainly tell if they’re wearing braces at all. While clear braces aren’t completely invisible, they are as good as it gets.

alignment results

Another frequently asked question is whether clear braces are actually as good as traditional braces. This is perfectly fair as standard metal brackets have been around for a very long time and we are all fairly confident that they can produce excellent teeth alignment results. While clear braces offer a real cosmetic benefit in the short term, we certainly wouldn’t want to think that this was in lieu of the same long-term cosmetic improvement. In fact, there is no need to worry because not only can clear braces achieve the same standard of tooth alignment as regular braces, in most cases the result is even better.


Obtaining the judgment and guesswork of the dentist , clear braces achieve the result they achieve through computer simulations. Your teeth and gums are scanned into the computer, where a three-dimensional model is created. The dentist can then manipulate each individual tooth to achieve perfect alignment. The computer then generates the intermediate steps to move your teeth from their current position to the final desired alignment, and this is how the braces themselves are constructed.


This means that with invisible braces, you know the Invisible Aligner Dubai end result much better from the start. Also note that you can easily remove clear braces at any time, which greatly improves oral hygiene. You almost certainly have other questions that need answers, but if these two answers have piqued your curiosity, it might be worth learning a little more about Invisalign .

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