Tungsten Super Shot is a special type of shot that is made from tungsten. TSS shells are designed to penetrate through soft materials like paper, cardboard and cloth. This makes them excellent for hunting smaller game such as rabbits or squirrels; however they are also effective on larger animals such as deer and elk. 

TSS shells can be used in any standard shotgun but they work best when fired from shotguns with rifled barrels (such as Winchester Model 12). 

The History of TSS Shotgun Shells 

Tungsten Super Shot shells are a product of the TSS line of ammunition, which was developed by Federal Ammunition Company. The TSS line has been in production since 1989 and has seen many improvements since then. 

The history of these shells goes back to the 1960s when they were first used in military operations during Vietnam War. At this time, American soldiers were using different types of bullets that were made from various materials like steel or lead but they found it difficult to penetrate enemy ranks because they tended not to have enough force behind them when fired at short range due to their small size (around 0.50 inches). 

As part of its research on how best we could improve upon our current firearms technology so as to increase their effectiveness against any kind of target; Federal Ammunition Company teamed up with another company called ATK Inc., who specialized in developing new projectiles based on tungsten carbide spheres rather than traditional lead core ammunition; this combination would eventually lead us into today’s modern day designs where we have access through both manufacturers like Federal Ammunitions Co., LLC & ATK Incorporated Incorporated as well as private citizens themselves who can make their own versions without having any prior knowledge about how things work inside each individual component within such devices! 

Features of TSS Shells 

Tungsten Super Shot is a high-performance ammunition that offers a wide range of advantages over other shotgun shells in the market. It is non-toxic, non-pyrophoric, non-corrosive and non-explosive. This means that you don’t need to worry about any safety issues or health hazards associated with using this product. It also has superior performance compared to its counterparts due to its unique composition which includes tungsten powder being encased within an aluminum alloy casing with hard plastic caps at both ends of each cartridge so as not only increase durability but also provide protection against corrosion caused by moisture during storage or transportation before loading into your shotgun pellet chamber (if applicable). 

Another important feature about TSS ammo involves its ability to deliver impressive velocities when compared against other competing brands on the market today such as Winchester/Remington; Federal Premium; Nosler Bullets – all which come equipped with brass cases made out of copper alloy instead! This gives users peace knowing they aren’t exposing themselves unnecessarily since these companies have gone through extensive testing processes prior making changes based off feedback received from consumers who use them regularly – something other manufacturers shouldn’t take lightly because it could mean losing loyal customers forever if done incorrectly.” 

Advantage of Tungsten Super Shot 

Tungsten Super Shot increases the penetration power of your ammunition. TSS is a superior material for shotgun shells, and it will help you to shoot farther with less recoil or muzzle rise. If you’re looking for an effective shot shell that will penetrate deep into your target, then the TSS is definitely something you should consider using in your next shotgun shell purchase! 

Tungsten Super Shot increases the penetration power of your ammunition. 

Tungsten Super Shot increases the penetration power of your ammunition. It’s a very effective material for increasing the penetration power of your ammunition. TSS is non-toxic, non-corrosive and has a high density which makes it ideal for use in shotguns and rifle rounds. 

TSS can be used to improve any type of shot shell including buckshot or birdshot, reducing its spread by up to 75%. 


Tungsten Super Shot is an excellent choice for the home owner or professional hunter who needs to take down their target quickly and efficiently. This is a great option for those who are looking for something that will work in any situation but not necessarily be the most accurate shot possible. TSS shells offer increased penetration power over standard lead shotshells, which makes them perfect for use against larger game like deer or elk. 

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