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Everyone is a bit disorganized in their life, and this aspect somehow creeps into your bag packing as well, particularly when traveling in haste. In this scenario, forgetting some less expensive and minor things is passable because you can purchase or acquire them on reaching the destination. However, you can’t imagine forgetting the following 5 items when packing your bag for the trip.


A laptop is something that you must pack in your bag, whether you are traveling for fun or business. However, this becomes essential if you are on a business trip because you have to take notes, manage correspondence, and connect with distant staff. Even if you are out and about for fun, you need a laptop to communicate with your family and friends at home. However, on fun trips, you can make do with a tablet or a good smartphone, but people who are used to bigger screens prefer laptops. In that case, your laptop should be the first thing to go in your bag as you cannot buy another one while traveling due to technicalities and security.

Chargers for your devices

If you have taken your devices such as laptops and phones, and their chargers are sitting at your bedside table when you are leaving for the station or airport, you are sure in trouble. Firstly, you will not be able to use your devices on time as you will have to look for a new charger. Secondly, it is often difficult to find a suitable charger that fits your device. If you buy in a hurry and end up with a low-quality charger, it can affect your device performance. Therefore, your chargers must go in with your bag along with your laptop and other devices. Also, try to find enough time to charge the batteries of all your devices before packing them for the trip.

A water bottle

Many people either ignore or forget the importance of a water bottle, thinking they will easily get a glass of water anywhere. The perception is wrong. Considering the significance of staying hydrated, keeping a water bottle in your bag within easy reach is vital. Sometimes you are in a place where you are not comfortable with water quality, while during travel, you can also land where the water is not readily available. In such scenarios, it is better to have a water bottle with you than to stay thirsty for any time period. Your water ball does not need to be highly expensive. Just go for a suitable container to carry clean water so you can drink your liquid on time to ward off dehydration and associated problems. After all, if you are not healthy, you can neither enjoy your fun trip nor work efficiently, which will waste your business trip. This is how important a water bottle is for your bag.

Wireless headphone

Sometimes you have to travel alone, and there is nothing as monotonous as a long journey without a travel mate. Your wireless headphones are a must-to-have item in your bag pack so you can listen to your favorite music, podcasts, and audio to enjoy your trip on your own. Your headphones should be preferably wireless, one, so you don’t have to mess with a tangled wire; two, you don’t want to look for a compatible port if you are using them on some unfamiliar device. A wireless headphone can be an excellent alternative to a travel mate, so it must go into your bag as a priority item.

A lightweight upper or jacket

When traveling, you have no idea what weather element you will encounter, particularly If you are traveling to an unfamiliar destination. Even if you have researched the weather of your venue, you might experience a chilly night or a hotel room with an extra cooling air conditioning system. Therefore, your bag must contain a lightweight jacket as an additional protection layer, so you don’t catch a cold on your trip. However, if you are not traveling to a cold zone, your jacket should be light and breathable. This way, you will stay cozy and comfortable without feeling too much stuffy.

The post is originally about the 5 essential items you must keep in your bag pack while traveling. However, here is an additional tip for all the new travelers out there. Pack your things in custom bags. You can customize your bags with your name or use custom logo backpacks on a business trip. Many vendors customize your bags with embroidery or printing as per your requirement. You can brand your bags with your company logo in one suggested method to identify them quickly and easily.

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