The best trading app in India to earn money has created a very simple and user-friendly interface that allows investors, traders and even beginners to trade financial instruments of their choice, including mutual funds, and bonds, in one click. You can buy or sell your shares in one click through the app.

1. Sharekhan

Sharekhan is one of America’s first stockbrokers, Sharekhan is a trusted trading app in India. Users can now open a trading account on Sharekhan for free. Along with that comes free stock recommendations, tips, and free access to the trading terminal for one year. 

The rates for stock options are Rs.50 per lot and Rs.30 per lot for call options. However, the platform is built with a slightly complex design that is difficult for beginners to understand.

Main Features:

  • It gets timely training, workshops, and recommendations from experts.
  • Currently and trading facilities are completely free.
  • Dynamic brokerage structure provides lower brokerage for higher transaction amounts.

2. 5 Paisa

5Paisa is a discount broker that operating in India for over 5 years, It is the leading best trading app in India. 10Paisa’s parent company is the reputable India Infoline Limited (IIFL). It is the very cheapest brokerage platform in India that charges a fee of Rs. 25 per order executed with no restrictions on lots if you have the premium pack of the platform.5Paisa’s STT is 0.05% in Sell Side Premium. It also provides users with research and recommendations and has waived the subscription fee of Rs.650 now.

Main Features:

  • It is a one-click order placement so you don’t miss a deal
  • Set up price alerts Enable investment push notifications
  • Get help from a Robo-investment Advisor to help you create your ideal portfolio.

3. Pro Stock

Pro Stock is a domestic paid unlimited flat rate discount broker, It is the best trading app in India to earn money. A premium plan for Rs.899, offering unlimited trading of stocks. However, in the F&O sector, you have to pay Rs.15 per transaction. We also offer a free lifetime AMC Demat account, a feature not available on most platforms. You also get an exclusive API to conduct Algo transactions with your account. The account opening fee is Rs.0 for the trading accounts and the Demat accounts. Stock options sold on Pro Stocks have an STT of 0.05% of the premium.

Main Features:

  • No account opening fees or AMC fees
  • Low brokerage fee of Rs.15 per order executed
  • High-volume traders get an unlimited monthly trading plan.

4. Paytm Money 

Paytm Money was not an early player in this sector, but it still has gained immense popularity among casual and novice traders. It is a trading app in India to earn money. Paytm Money offers trading options to its users with a brokerage fee of a fixed Rs.15. Along with this, if you have a trading account, you will have to pay Rs.300 as an annual platform fee. Paytm Money’s STT for stock option sales is 0.05% and the SEBI fee is also 0.0001% (Rs.10/crore), the same as its competitors. Paytm Money’s simple user interface and striking marketing have helped it acquire many traders in recent times.

Main Features:

  • Easy and Powerful Trading Platform
  • Bracket order & cover order functions are available
  • low transaction fees
  • Paperless Instant Account Opening

5. Smart Trade 

Smart Trade charges Rs.200 for opening a trading account and the same amount for opening a Demat Account. It is the best trading app in India to earn money. The Demat account also has an annual maintenance fee of Rs.300. We charge a universal fee of Rs.15 per order executed across all types of securities. Smart Trade charges Rs.7 per lot while executing orders in stock options, currency options, and commodity options.

Main Features:

  • No Minimum Amount Balance
  • Securing margin on stock
  • Cover orders available to traders
  • It is the lowest transaction cost.


Though there are a lot of best trading apps to earn money, choosing the right apps for yourself that also have the lowest brokerage charges is still a tough task for many new and experienced traders. On selecting a trading app firstly check the review of the app and then feedback from past clients.

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