If you are a fan of manga, then you probably know that there are a number of sites you can visit to get the latest episodes for free. However, there are a few things you should consider before you sign up for any of these services.


It is no secret that MangaKik is gaining popularity worldwide. It is a great place to find and read comics. The site also offers a premium version that comes with exciting features. However, there are several MangaKik alternatives you can try. Some of these websites are free to use, while others charge no monthly fees. Here are some of the top sites to check out.

First, we’ll look at Honto. This is a popular Japanese manga website. It’s packed with plenty of content and has a convenient user interface. In addition to this, Honto has a number of manga comics that are available in English.

Another good option is, an internet programme for manga aficionados. The site offers users the opportunity to upload and read millions of comics. Aside from this, the site provides real-time feedback.


Comixology is an online comic distributor that sells comics from various publishers. They offer a wide variety of comics from well known publishers like Marvel, DC and Image. In addition, Comixology also features comics from indie publishers.

Comixology offers a unique experience for reading manga. It features Guided View technology, which allows readers to read panels panel by panel. Also, they have an In Progress list to keep track of unread comics. The library is extensive and contains more than 75,000 comics. This makes it the largest selection of digital comics available.

Despite its expansive catalog, Comixology is not perfect. There are some aspects of its user interface that can be confusing. One of the most common complaints is the lack of a native app for desktop users.


If you’re an anime fan who is interested in reading manga online for free, then you will want to take a look at Crunchyroll. This is a website that features anime and other popular comics, including a number of new series. You can also read the latest news about anime, which will help you decide which series you should watch.

The service is also available on a variety of devices. For example, you can use it on your computer, iOS device, Android smartphone, and even your Chromecast. While the website does have some drawbacks, it is a useful resource to access manga.

When you first sign up, you will receive a one-month free trial. In addition, you can choose to subscribe to a Premium+ membership, which will allow you to watch episodes without any ads. Plus, you will have access to beta features and a free shipping discount from the Crunchyroll storefront.

Manga Plus

Manga Plus is a free manga reading service offered by Japanese publisher Shueisha. It allows users to browse the latest manga titles from the Shonen Jump line. They can read up to 100 chapters each day. The app is also available in English and Spanish.

Besides the free version, Shonen Jump+ also offers a subscription service. You can subscribe for a low fee and get access to all new chapters every week. Alternatively, you can purchase individual issues of your favorite manga. If you are a subscriber, you can also log in with your social media accounts.

With the release of the MANGA Plus app, Shueisha hopes to bring a wider audience to its manga-reading platform. In addition to showcasing Shonen Jump manga, the app will also include new titles.


Among the many manga sites available online, Mangainn is one of the better ones to use. The site is easy to navigate, offers search options, and has a large library of manga comics. You can also chat with other manga fans. It’s also safe to use, and the archives are updated frequently.

Mangainn is a great place to find manga comics and anime. You can even download manga for free and read it in the browser. They have English-dubbed titles as well.

Another great manga website is Honto, which offers manga in various categories. Their collection can be sorted by genre or by e-book. This is great for mobile users.

For those who prefer a mobile version, Crunchyroll is another good option. They have a simple user interface and an iOS app.



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