Grand Place of Bangkok

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is well-known for its ornate shrines and colourful street life. The city is big and has all the facilities you need to stay in, but before leaving for your place, you can follow some tips for planning a trip to Bangkok so that it becomes easier to travel to the Capital City. 

Explore the Top 10 Tips for Planning a Trip to Bangkok

1. Once you have a trip to Bangkok, you should go for a proper map. Bangkok is a very confusing place due to the shifting street names and the expressways. In addition, you may find it confusing once you distinguish neighbourhoods. The city is not planned urban. So, remember that before travelling to Bangkok, you should have a decent map on which the street names are written in both English and Thai. If you have a smart device, you can also go to Google Maps, where you need to translate addresses into English that may appear in Thai manually.

2. Suppose you are planning to travel to Bangkok. In that case, you need to know to bargain, as there is no bar code or set of prices once you want to purchase anything, which leads to confusion. So, before going into a fight regarding price, you can ask for the best price of the product that may be affordable to buy. You need to bargain up to 10- 30 % of the price they are quoting. If they also do not agree with your set price, you can go to any other place for negotiation.

3. Once you travel to Bangkok, you must be very careful regarding the scams in Bangkok. For example, you might find a stranger saying, “The place you are searching for is closed right now.” Due to their advice or suggestion, you may thank them and ask more about the place. However, once you do this and try to shake their hands, they can snatch your hands, precious gems, and any precious items on your body. So, it would be best if you were very careful regarding many scams that might also happen to you.

4. Another tip for travelling to Bangkok is to fill your bottles with sufficient drinking water. Thailand is a stiflingly hot place where the body becomes dehydrated, and it becomes hard to walk on the street. If you are sweating more after landing, you can prevent dehydration by having the proper amount of water. If you are buying a bottle of water, make sure that the bottle comes sealed so you can get the freshly served water. It would be best if you made sure that you carry fresh drinking water when you travel.

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5. Once you go on a trip to Bangkok, you must know the tourist places and their guidelines to have an organized tour without confusion. A trusty guidebook in hand can help you to know every place that you want to explore. Tours can be inexpensive and easily arranged without any headache once you know about the place and its expenses. Previously booked or booked in advance make you more hassle-free regarding any travel-related problems. You can explore cultural heritages, exciting nightlife, stage performances, natural beauty etc.

6. Before you travel to Bangkok, you need to plan your trip by properly organizing your identification documents, travel insurance, passports, etc. The city is very busy, and there are various means of transport where you may show your identity to travel, along with a bit more knowledge about the roads by having online or offline maps. Taxis are likely unavoidable means of transport, but if you want to explore more by other means of transport, you can go for waterways, the sky train, etc.

7. If you need to travel in a taxi in Bangkok, you must keep some tips in mind, such as avoiding taxis during rush hours, as sometimes the drivers do not switch the meter on. If the driver refuses to switch on the meter, you can go for another means of transport. Once you need to travel in a taxi in Bangkok, make sure about your carry bags and essentials once you are leaving the taxi. Do not give any chance to wiz off your precious items within the taxi.

8. If you stay in the luxury serviced apartments in Bangkokyou may avoid tuk-tuk cars, motorbikes, and canal boats. Instead of these means of transport, you can opt for the Sky train and MRT, which are safe and easy options to travel from one place to another in Bangkok. The Sky train soars over the traffic, and the underground MRT whizzes by, providing faster travel. Both types of transportation are air-conditioned and among Bangkok’s best inventions. On the hot summer days, these trains are very convenient to travel, but make sure about your bags and things. If you can also go for a week’s pass to travel from your serviced apartment,

9. Another important tip for travelling in Bangkok is to carry ID proof. The city regulations are strict, and police may check your ID proof. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are carrying your ID proof. If you are carrying the ID of any other people in your group and the police want to check your ID only, then it can lead to a penalty. Instead of carrying an original ID proof, you may go for a photocopy of the ID; that will be a good idea once travelling to Bangkok.

10. Once you need to travel outside of your hotel room in Bangkok, you must carry your hotel card. It is not just a little piece of paper but also proof of your stay in a different city. The hotel card has the properly written address of the hotel in Thai and can save you from any confusion once you get back to the hotel. You also need to ensure that once you stay in a service apartment, you carry the card for the service apartment too.

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