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Have you ever experienced the “Eureka moment”, in which you suddenly get an insight or an idea regarding any topic or project that has been in your mind for so many days? Well; in today’s age of science and advancement, every moment is a Eureka moment because such tools and apps have been invented that come up with creative ideas for a person. 

These tools and apps are with us; all thanks to the perfect combo of artificial intelligence and information technology. It is AI and IT that has helped people from being able to calculate their GPA by using High School GPA Calculator UK-based to being able to generate a whole new idea for their content. The focus of this post is going to be the content idea generator tools, their usage, and some of the best tools that can help you in generating ideas. 

What is a content idea generator tool?

Many such tools have been made that help people from different fields to ease their workload like there are Oscola Reference Generator tools, essay-generating tools, and so on. As the name implies; a content idea generator tool is a tool that allows the user to create a catchy title or headline for the next content that he is willing to write. This content can be a blog post, a podcast, or a video.

One of the most important steps of content marketing is to come up with a catchy topic or a headline that will be able to attract more audience. This title can be something that is popular, trendy, or exclusive to be able to catch the attention of the audience. This idea generator tool has made it possible for everyone to be creative with their forms of writing. So; now, everybody has a “Light Bulb” that adds creativity to their work. 

How do content idea generator tools works?

It is quite simple to use the content idea generator tool. The user only has to write the subject or keyword on which he is willing to write or make the content. After the subject has been provided, the content idea generator tool will come up with a number of suggestions and topics among which you can choose the best idea for your content making/writing.

Some of the best content idea generator tools:

There are a lot of content idea generator tools out there but not all of them are equally good. Some are better than others at coming up with the best and most exclusive ideas for your content. The following are some of the best idea content generator tools that will help the content makers in product quality content;

  • Impact’s blog title generator:

The theme is the main product of data analysis that yields practical results in the field of study (Vaismoradi et al, 2016). So, this tool can help with it as you will just have to enter the keyword and then hit the generate title button. This tool will come up with multiple titles for your content. If you have not liked the title from the suggested ones then refresh the title generation list for new ideas.

  • HubSpot’s blog idea generator:

It is one of the best content idea-generating tools for your blog posts. The process is so simple, you just need to add five simple nouns of your interest and then hit the write button.  The tool will provide some exclusive topics with which you can take the initiative of writing the content.

  • Answer the public tool:

Quite a lot of thought goes into picking up a topic (bestassignmentwriters, 2019) but this tool will help you out with it. This is the tool that generates topics based on the questions or subjects that people have searched for on any search engine platform, especially Google. The user just has to write the subject and the tool will provide the topics based on the most searched results.

  • Portent idea generator:

This is the content idea-generating tool in which a user only has to give the topic name and the tool will suggest some new ideas with which you can start writing the content. If the proposed idea is not according to your choice then you can reject that one and can click the refresh button for some new idea generation. 

  • Semrush topic research tool:

It is yet another content idea-generating tool that provides free content topic ideas. In addition to that; it also gives the option to tell where you can publish the content so as to avoid plagiarism. A user just has to give the topic name and the URL where he is willing to publish the content.

  • BuzzSumo’s question analyzer:

This is the tool that provides the content idea based on the trendy topics or topics in discussion. It provides such content ideas that have at least five main keywords and the subject related to the most asked questions.

  • SEOPressor’s blog title generator:

This tool also provides the titles for blog posts but it has slightly different features. When the user writes the keyword, the software allows the user to indicate whether it is a skill, person, or generic term. So, you can get more customized suggestions.

  • Frase AI tool:

It is yet another best idea-generating tool. It not only provides the topic idea but also writes a basic outline for your content and optimizes it for the search engine. In addition to that; if the user gets stuck somewhere in between the writing, then the tool offers the content to continue writing.

  • AMI’s headline analyzer:

It is more of a content idea tweaker than a content-generating tool. It analyzes the topic of your blog post and rates it based on the number of intellectual empathetic and spiritual words. 

  • UberSuggest content idea generator:

This is the tool that is mainly used in the search marketing field. It is used to analyze the difficulty, rank the keyword, and estimate the cost-per-click of the paid campaign.

Final statement:

Hopefully; the above-mentioned post will help the readers in finding exclusive and search-engine-optimized ideas for their content writing/making. 


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