How to take a face photo to meet Indian visa requirements? Guests applying for Indian visas require an identification-style photograph of their face which can be clicked over the telephone. Photo should be bright and size 2 inches x 2 inches (51 mm x 51 mm). Photograph prints should be perfect and with a continuous-tone quality. It should be a full face, front view and eyes open.


Visa Prerequisites for Indian Films

You should know that to get Indian Visa on the web Indian Visa Photo Requirement (IVISA India) you really want a bunch of supporting records. These records vary depending on the Indian visa you are applying for. Indian Visa Photo Requirement You can take this type of photo of your record using a cell phone, tablet, PC, skilled scanner or camera.

This guide will take you through India visa photograph and India visa photograph requirements of your face, especially for the Indian visa you are applying for on the web. India Tourist Visa, India Medical Visa, or India E-Business Visa, most of these Indian Visa Online (IVISA India) require a face photo.

Fulfillment of Indian visa requirements

The most important of Indian visa passport requirements of this guide will take you through every step of photo filling, especially for your India visa.

Note: Your Identification Report Photograph is not equivalent to your Indian Visa photograph. Try not to take a photo of your visa.


Do you need a photo to apply for an Indian visa?

In fact, a facial photograph is expected for a wide range of Indian visa applications submitted on the web. Whatever the motivation behind the movement, filling a face photo on the web is a mandatory requirement for every Indian visa, business, clinical, traveler, meeting, web.


What type of photo is expected for Indian Visa Online (IVISA India)?

All images should be clear, unambiguous and unambiguous. The Line Movement Officer will have the option to separate a person. Every highlight on your face, hair and skin should be clear to set you apart from others.


What is the size of Indian visa photo?

The Government of India expects that your face photo online for Indian visa should be 350 pixels by 350 pixels in height and width. These prerequisites are required for your application. This usually means 2 inches


Archive for Indian E VISA is expected

Indian Visa Passport Requirements Eligible residents wishing to visit India must fulfill various prerequisites. Expect the following before applying online for an Indian eVisa:


  • Valid visa
  • Email address
  • Credit or check card


Make sure to check your email address. When an Indian visa is processed and approved, it will be sent directly to the email address provided in the application. If you are eligible for such a visa in India and an award is accepted, you will need to print a duplicate of the approved Indian EVISA.


Personal Information Requirements

Indian Visa Passport Requirements To effectively get an e-Visa for India, you really want to put a few nuances into the application framework. Applications cannot be submitted until you have completed your:


  • The full name is shown on the visa
  • Date and place of birth
  • Address and contact data
  • Visa details
  • Identity


It is normal that some data will be given in the same way while filling the application framework for getting e-Visa in India. Candidates should answer:


  • marital status
  • profession or calling
  • Highlights of the facility: Places to visit while in India
  • Expected port of passage
  • religion
  • Educational qualification



Due to the global pandemic, the list of eligible residents for Indian EVISA online application may change. Other separate data prerequisites include that you must answer security questions. You can choose yes or no depending on your situation.

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