The main goals of Inside the Backrooms are to proceed through the game by solving puzzles and to avoid being harmed by various creatures that may be found in the game’s setting. To dodge the creatures, the player will need to be cautious and learn via trial and error. Following these guidelines will increase your chances of making it out of the Backrooms alive.

8/ Move Cautiously, Don’t Rush Around

The stamina meter limits how long a player can sprint for. The sluggish movement pace is a reminder to take your time and avoid unnecessary danger as you make your way through the game. Things may not go as planned because of the unexpected and new circumstances.

Entities often arise out of nowhere or at the most inopportune moments. To avoid certain death in such a scenario, running is your best bet. If you lack patience or stamina as a gamer, you will likely meet your maker.

7/ Use Your Supplies Sparingly

Make Do with What You Have Almond milk to restore health and anti-anxiety medicine to keep calm are the two major commodities players may count on to find sparingly within the backrooms. Given how simple it is to damage one’s health, having both is vital. Keep yourself alive on almond milk. Too much insanity, like too much of everything, may make it hard to play. When one’s mental state reaches a dangerous extreme, their eyesight, mobility, and ability to think clearly all become blurry.

Don’t throw them away because of how soon in value they will increase. In order to maximize your chances of success, you should hold off on using them until it’s absolutely required.

6/ Explore Areas Thoroughly

Take your time and look about in each area of the game while you play it. Explore your surroundings to take in the beautiful level and setting design. Extensive investigation of the accessible spaces enriches the ambiance. This adds to the suspense and dreadfulness of the game.

It’s also possible to uncover bonus content tucked away in the nooks and crannies of each stage. In most cases, they will be restorative goods like food and medicine. Discovering lifesaving resources via exploration may be the only way to avoid perishing.

5/ Stick Close To Friends

Inside the Backrooms on your alone, it’s far more exciting to do so with a group of friends and experience the thrill of communal panic. Many of the places you’ll go are strange and labyrinthine, so it’s easy to lose track of your companions. This is particularly true on the first level, where orienting yourself might be a challenge.

Players working together must take special precautions to avoid splitting apart. When people don’t stick together, it’s simpler for a single adversary to pick them out one by one than if they all work together. In the event that the team becomes dispersed, it is essential to retrace their steps.

4/ Listen For Unusual Noises

The presence of whatever is prowling the Backrooms will be detected initially by the sounds it makes. Pay attention to these noises, since it may be difficult to get away from them if they get close to the player. In the midst of all the background noise in the game, it might be tough to focus on specific targets. Their sounds, however, should be instantly recognizable.


3/ Examine Puzzles Rigorously

While it may take some time and effort to solve a problem, most are not insurmountable. You only need a little of reasoning and a few minutes to figure out how to solve each challenge. Group efforts tend to provide better results. Players are given all of the tools they need to complete the puzzles in the game. They need only be looked for.

2/ Read Notes Carefully

Exploring the immediate region may provide useful hints toward a resolution. The elevator challenge may appear out of the ordinary at first, but the answers are clearly displayed on the walls. Also, players may unwind, since it’s quite unlikely that any creatures would create any trouble when doing puzzles.

Throughout the stages, you’ll find cabinets stocked with not just supplies, but also notes and papers that provide background on the game’s mechanics and the creatures you’ll be facing. Your success in the Backrooms will greatly benefit from these remarks.

1/ Run If Spotted

It’s probably self-evident, but players can’t engage in direct conflict with the game’s non-player characters. In the case of a confrontation, the best course of action is to flee until you reach a secure location. If players can sense oncoming danger, such as an enemy’s presence or sound, they shouldn’t have any trouble with this. The exception to this rule is the all-fours-crawling monster, which may be frightened away if the players stand their ground, but cannot be harmed or killed.

Inside the Backrooms is currently available on PC.