The hot water system, a widely-used home appliance, is essential. Hot water system installation is crucial for safe operation. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing them. It is best to contact a qualified plumber or electrician. Also, keep these important points in mind when installing a hot water system.

Enough space

You must ensure that you have enough space for your heating unit. The size of the electric hot water system must be measured in relation to the area. Before the hot water system installation is done in a bathroom or kitchen, be sure to consider its size. Proper cleaning and servicing of the unit is possible only with adequate space.

The correct height from the ground

Hot water systems must be placed at the correct height from ground. Hot water system installations should be at least 1.8m above the ground. They should not be installed in wet or damp areas such as bathtubs or showers. Read also more about Kohler bidet toilet

Wall structure

It is important to properly prepare the wall for heating system installation. First, a frame or wall plate is attached to the wall. Then the heating system is placed on the plate. For solid walls, holes must be correctly drilled and placed in line with wall plate to attach it. Hollow brick walls require special attention. Hollow brick walls can be made by digging up enough space and then filling it with concrete cement. Once the cement has dried, drill holes to attach wall plates and then install your hot water system. 

Unblocked waterpipes

Make sure your water pipes are checked for blockages before installing a geyser. For smooth water flow, make sure your pipes are clear and unclogged.

Secure electrical connections

Make sure the electrical connection for the hot water system has an overload fuse or MCB protection. Make sure the electrical supply and water heater are properly grounded. These are some key points to remember when installing hot water systems so you can enjoy warm water in the winter.



Did you know that soft water is recommended for your hot water system in order to prevent scale formation? Even soft water is low in minerals and salts. Even though soft water is safer than hard water for your geyser, it could lead to scale formation in the water tank over time. What should you do?

Scaling can be removed manually. This requires the removal of the water heater. It is best to leave this job to professionals. Hot water system repair and maintenance services are better and cost effective in the long run as they’ll prevent major damages. It includes the removal and cleaning of the scale from the tank. This ensures that the geyser heats water quickly, uses less electricity and runs longer. Read also more about Kohler bathroom accessories

The hot water system repair and maintenance include the removal of scale and inspection of water connectors and pipes for leakages. It also checks the thermostat to make sure it is functioning properly. Professional plumbers will inspect your geyser and correct any problems promptly so you can enjoy hot showers again.

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