You are probably aware of the fact that ogr-blaze is already available as a plugin in most of the popular development languages, including JavaScript, Python and Java. Unfortunately, this plugin has its own limitations which can be overcome only with some code enhancements.

In case you are new to Ogrobux, then here is a quick tutorial to help you get started. Read on to know more about Ogrobux, understand how it can help you and how you can use it for your benefit.

What is Ogrobux?

Ogrobux is a web-based tool that allows you to easily visualize geographic data. It helps you to visually identify, compare, analyze and manage your data. You can create simple and complex visualizations using this plugins. You can also export your data in a variety of different file formats.

Installation of Ogrobux

Installing Ogrobux is pretty straightforward and simple. You can visit their official website and click on the “Download” link to get the setup file for your system. After downloading the setup file, follow the instructions to get the setup configure on your system. The installation process is not a complex one and it should not take more than few minutes. Once installed, you can start using Ogrobux immediately.

How to use Ogrobux?

Ogrobux has a robust user interface that allows you to create and manage complex visualizations. The user interface is rather intuitive and allows anyone to start creating visualizations right away. You can create visualizations based on different data sets like maps, tables, bar charts, pie charts,

line graphs and many more. You can also change the colors and other attributes of the visual elements to create rich and interactive visualizations. You can create different types of visualizations like scatter plots, line graphs and pie charts.

How to Install Ogrobux in Ubuntu/Debian

The installation of Ogrobux on Ubuntu/Debian is very straightforward and simple. First, you need to download and install the “Ogrobux” package on your system using the following command Once Ogrobux is installed on your system, you can start using immediately.

Why you need Ogrobux in your development workflow?

Visual analytics have emerged as a powerful tool for analysis, discovery, and decision making. With the help of visualizations we can easily understand our data. We can easily discover patterns, anomalies, and relationships between different data sets. Visualization plays an important role in many industries like marketing, sales, healthcare, finance and many more. With the help of visualization, you can easily find the right audience, understand trends in your business, discover insights in your data and manage projects better.

Features of Ogrobux

Data visualization – Ogrobux provides a powerful visualization tool that allows you to create stunning visualizations easily. You can easily visualize your data in various shapes, like maps, tables, bar charts, pie charts, and many more. Visually compare data sets – You can easily visualize your data sets and visually compare different data sets.

You can easily create charts like bar charts, line graphs and much more. Create and export charts – You can easily create charts and export them in a variety of file formats. You can also share charts with others using the embedded sharing option. Create and manage user accounts – You can easily create and manage user accounts using the user management tool.

You can also create team accounts and manage them easily. Create and manage projects – You can easily create projects and manage them using the project management tool. You can also create and manage themes and templates to create customized visualizations.

Limitations of Ogrobux

As a web-based solution, Ogrobux has some limitations. The visualizations created using this tool are not persistent and they are lost once the browser is closed. The data cannot be edited while it is be displayed and cannot be deleted. When you create complex visualizations like maps or graph, you need a decent internet connection to view them. The visualizations are not available offline.


Ogrobux is a powerful open source tool that helps you to create stunning visualizations. The visualizations created using this tool are interactive, persistent and they are available offline. Ogrobux has a robust user interface that allows you to create visualizations and manage projects, users and themes.

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