These New Zealand train tours may be the most breathtaking?

Some say that these new train tours provide the most breathtaking scenery in all of New Zealand. Great Journeys New Zealand has just released a whole new collection of multi-day, guided train journeys that cover the entire country, from North to South Island.

The newly released rail adventures combine three of New Zealand’s railway lines with an array of off-train excursions to provide visitors with a wide range of Kiwi experiences over the course of six to seventeen days. The Northern Explorer train leaves fromĀ  Auckland and travels the roughly 450 kilometers to Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. Tours stop at the Waitomo Glowworm Caves and take visitors into Tongariro National Park, where the snow-capped peak of Mount Ruapehu may be phrazle seen.

In Picton, passengers of the Interislander ferry may change to the Coastal Pacific railway after traveling the 58 miles across Cook Strait. The drive from Blenheim to Christchurch takes you past wineries and along the coast of whale-watching hotspot Kaikura. The Canterbury Plains and the Southern Mountains. Tours to surrounding locations including Queenstown and Milford Sound are available by private bus or shuttle.


Mark Hockley, senior tour manager and relationship expert at Great Journeys New Zealand, says the company “guides guests. Through some of the country’s most spectacular and varied environments, from rolling hills and lush forests to jagged beaches and sparkling waters.” Passengers may kick back and take in the natural beauty of New Zealand as they cruise through picturesque roads that provide vistas not accessible by car.

Guides provide tours and introduce guests to the locals. Hockley adds, “There’s a narrative at every stop, from anecdotes about Kiwiana culture to information about New Zealand’s odd birds. The history of Mori culture, geology in volcanic areas, rock formations. That provides interesting trivia and contextual information. “The vistas truly are stunning, from the volcanic peaks of Middle Earth in Ruapehu. To seeing the magical Blue Lake in the northern regions of New Zealand’s Southern Mountains,” he adds.

Mount Etna

Every guide incorporates Maori myths and tales into their stories since they are an integral part of the New Zealand experience, according to Hockley. Seeing a traditional Maori village, eating traditional Maori cuisine, studying traditional Maori arts and crafts. And other cultural immersion opportunities are available on many of our excursions. Carriages of the Scenic Class are bright and airy owing to their panoramic windows and skylights, and they provide a train comfortable ride thanks to their roomy seats and air suspension.

The paired with a selection of New Zealand wines and beers. Scenic Plus service, with a new, custom-built carriage and a personal chef, will be available on Great Trips as of April 14. Traditional (six to fifteen days, with a maximum of 35 people). And Signature (smaller group sizes) tours are available on certain dates from January through early May. (six to 17 days, with a maximum group size of 20).

Located just outside of Catania in Italy is Mount Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe at approximately 3600 meters (10,800 feet). From its first known eruption in 1,500 B.C., Mount Etna has been erupting more often and for longer than any other volcano in history.

This is the peak of Aso, Japan

Mount Aso is in the middle of Kyushu, the third biggest island in Japan. Its 12-mile-wide and 75-mile-long caldera makes it one of the world’s biggest. One of the five volcanoes in the caldera is the active Mount Nakadake, which has a peak elevation of 5,875 feet. At JR Aso Station in Aso, Kumamoto, Japan, visitors may get a bus to Asosan Nishi Station, where they can then catch another bus to the Nakadake Crater’s parking lot.

You may visit the Aso Volcano Museum in Nakadake Crater and the adjacent hot. The spring communities of Tarutama, Beppu, and Aso while you’re in the area of Aso-Kuju National Park. There are several pathways on the other summits of Mount Aso if you’re yearning for further hiking. It is quite safe for people of the area around Mount Etna to live there, despite the volcano’s considerable activity. From the Catania train station, visitors may drive or take a bus to the Rifugio Sapienza parking lot.

After that, you’ll ride a cable car to the top of Mount Etna. Where you may start exploring the mountain’s many routes. One hour of driving time will get you from Antigua, Guatemala, to Pacaya. There are guided tours that depart from Antigua, or you may hire a guide there. One might also choose to ride a horse to the peak if the fairly steep trek seems too challenging. Remember to bring your own marshmallows to cook over the fumaroles, as well as chocolate and graham crackers.

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