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If you wish to work as a freelancer or blogger, you will need to accept clients from around the world and in various currencies. In today’s post, the primary payment methods for freelancers and independent contractors will be covered, making it easier for you to get cash.

The best payment gateway for freelancers

Freelancers aren’t paid on time anymore! Simply put, this seems unfair. So what can we do as independent contractors to avoid situations?

There are a few factors to think about when selecting a payment gateway dubai. What kind of payment method do you recommend? Are you more trusting of internet payments? Do you know the strategies that other independent contractors now employ?

You must offer various payment options to deliver outstanding service as a professional or freelancer. Also to get paid timely, freelancers can sign up on Paymes. They are most typical.

1. Paymes

Paymes is your go-to payment gateway if you want your money to be transferred within 20 seconds. The best part about this is that you will feel as if you are communicating with your pals through messages with the help of a product link or a QR code.

2. Wise

Wise is a new company in the market for international payments solutions. TransferWise distinguishes itself from rival providers with its aggressive conversion rates and comprehension of upfront costs. The processing times at TransferWise vary based on the currencies, countries, payment methods, and transaction volume.

Once you’ve logged in, you can use the built-in pricing calculator to input the price and select the recipient’s and receiver’s currencies. The payment gateway for freelancers will assess its costs, convert the amount to the recipient’s location and currency, and provide you with an estimated completion date.

3. Payoneer

If you need a PayPal alternative, Payoneer may be a great payment gateway dubai. Payoneer allows customers to see their account balance, make and receive online payments with just a few taps, and even access their entire transaction history.

Payoneer supports the following currencies, completing payments between three and five business days. Traditional bank accounts or other Payoneer profiles can be used to send or receive payments. The details are available on their fees website, with different fees.

4. RevolutĀ 

By making financial transactions quick, easy, and accessible at your fingertips, Revolut has garnered over 6 million committed consumers. Set up an account, and download the Revolut app from the iStore or Google Play Store.

You must be aware of your personal and professional financial sources and outflows if you operate as a freelancer.

With the Revolut business account, you can avoid unanticipated changes in exchange rates, overseas transfers, and other expenses that go unnoticed but end up costing us money over time.

Revolut manages your finances and acts as your accountant, freeing up your time so you can concentrate on being productive and doing what you do better. It supports up to 29 different currencies with ease.


5. Stripe

Stripe is the primary payment method for independent contractors for businesses that use the internet for revenue and profit. Payments can be made with Stripe utilising various techniques, including a smart payment page, a tailored UI toolkit, invoicing, bank transfers, wallets, and more.

Financial statements, accounting support, authorisation for financial management, Stripe monitoring, 3D security, or dispute management to address fraudulent scenarios are further contemporary features.

To transfer funds, Stripe normally needs five to ten business days. Stripe provides services to more than 20 countries and supports more than 135 multiple currencies.


6. PayPal

This list wouldn’t be complete without PayPal. As the majority of you may already know, PayPal is a facilitator of online payments, making it simple and quick for you to make and receive payments. With more than 270 million users across 200 countries and 26 various currencies, PayPal is the most well-known and widely utilised payment processing platform around the world.

Sign up for Paypal and add your credit or debit card for an online transaction. Your account will be verified in 48 hours. You can then start receiving and transferring funds to people all around the world from anywhere in the world.

One of the key benefits of PayPal is PayPal.Me, where you can establish a relationship with your clients using your photo and name and share it with them through SMS, social media platforms and emails.


These are some of the most popular freelancer payment gateways you can use. Of course, other options exist, such as Cash App, Moneygram, Paymo, etc. Payment guidance tools are widely accessible on the market. However, be aware that scammers frequently use these platforms.

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