When I first started tiling, I remember a friend asking Fliesenleger my boss at the time how I was doing. To this day, I can see the look on his face as he started laughing and replied, “If he ever lets go of the roof, maybe he’ll get better.”

Luckily the people I worked with had a wealth of experience (and patience) and after a few years I had let go of the roof and became a good roofer . Fear plays a big part in our approach to many new things we encounter in life. Whether it’s the first day in a new job or the first time you’re asking a girl out, fear will dictate what our reaction will be, you’ll take the first step into the unknown or run away and always wonder what would be if

I believe that great people in life have the ability to conquer their fear in the first few seconds it rears its ugly head, get over it and move on. I’m not saying they aren’t afraid, but their ability to overcome them helps make them great and achieve more than the average Joe who lingers and misses an opportunity.

Later in life, when I realized that the body wasn’t as comfortable with roof tiles as it used to be, I went into sales to find new fears. “Can I do that?” I guess that would be the most common fear of all humans. But I think it still comes down to knowing what you’re doing, and that knowledge comes with experience.

Experience is such a valuable asset and so is respect.

My oldest son started high school this year and the other day he said to me, “It’s so hard in high school, you wouldn’t understand.”

Hello, I was 13 and yes, I went to high school. It’s funny how young people these days think their problems today can never be understood.

Sales is still a full-time job for me, but I’ve recently started looking into affiliate marketing. As with any new direction in life, my old friend fear came to visit, but instead of the subtle nudges and nudges of yesteryear, this was a full slap in the face with a “holy shit” response from me.

I have now used the internet for email, facebook, twitter, school projects and to find information on just about anything in the world (besides lottery winning numbers) for many years now and I have always known that it is big. The amount of sites that promise you one way or another how to make 1000.00 in just 10 minutes. how you are just 10 clicks away from a fortune. Make money fast, money easy, it’s endless.

Then why should I hear you say don’t despair there are also many good websites and people out there who are the real McCoy and have a tremendous knowledge of information that can help but the key word (see I’m learning) is here patience.

What got over my friend’s fear in this case is patience. There is much to learn and much to understand. I don’t think I’ll make a million dollars in the first 12 months, but if I could make a dent in my credit card bill in 6 months, I know I’m on the right track. This help can come in many forms, an article in a magazine and an interesting blog or a link to a website with some decent information.

I hope you liked my article.

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