Turkey is a beautiful country that blends the best of both East and West, offering an unbeatable combination of modern city vibrancy with the historical richness of bygone eras. Australians seeking to visit the country must first familiarize themselves with the Turkey visa requirements.

What are the visa requirements for Turkish citizens?

To enter Turkey, Australians are required to have a valid visa. By far, the easiest and most popular option is to obtain an electronic visa online prior to travel. Applying for e-Visas online is simple and straightforward. After payment of the visa fee, applicants receive a printable e-Visa within 72 hours, which must be printed out and presented when entering Turkey. 


Alternatively, travelers with Turkey Visa Requirements can also obtain visas from Turkey’s diplomatic missions in Australia. However, applicants can expect longer wait times, as applications must be sent back to Turkey and processed at the discretion of the Embassy there before they are granted. 

How can Australian citizens get a Turkish visa?

When applying Turkey Visa for Australian Citizens for either an e-Visa or a physical visa, travelers should expect an extensive documentation process. Applicants must have a valid passport that will remain valid for at least six months after their scheduled date of departure from Turkey, as well as to provide a passport photograph. The passport must also contain two blank pages for entry and exit stamps. Applicants must also provide a detailed travel itinerary, showing evidence that they intend to leave following the completion of their visit.


In addition, travelers should also anticipate a strict customs process upon arrival. Any item of value that must remain in Turkey through the duration of the visit must be declared, including items of jewelry, laptops, other expensive electronics, or legal papers. Travelers are also advised to carry a photocopy of their passport at all times during their visit.

What are the benefits of a Turkish visa for Australian citizens?

Turkey visa requirements for entering and traveling the country vary for different nationalities and purposes. Travelers hoping to visit Turkey need to be aware of the regulations, particularly in the case of travelers from Australia. 


In general, all visitors to Turkey must possess a valid passport that is valid for a minimum of six months from the arrival date in the country, as well as a significant amount of cash or a valid credit/debit card. 


For Australians traveling to Turkey, visa regulations are different depending on the length and reason for the visit. Depending on the purpose of the visit, an application for a multiple entry visa, valid for up to three months, can be submitted at Turkish embassies and consulates, for a fee of reasonable amounts and based on documents as required by the ministry. 

What are the required documents for a Turkish visa?

If the visit is of short duration and for tourist purposes, a visa may not be necessary. For Australians, short visits, (defined as up to 90 days) do not require a visa, however, the traveler has to register their presence in the country within 90 days of the arrival date at either the police station or governor’s office. 


Travelers should also be aware that the Turkish government may occasionally change entry and visa requirements without much prior notification, as it did recently when it introduced an online visa system for certain nationalities, including Australians, in 2016. This online visa system permits visitors to apply directly through the official website and receive an e-visa to enter the country. 

Are there any restrictions on traveling to Turkey with a Turkish visa?

Australian visitors should also be aware that they are not allowed to work or receive any form of payment to be exchanged in Turkey, or any payment from any Turkish citizen or company, making it essential to consider the activities you will perform and abide by the visa requirements for that purpose.


In general, it is important for travelers from Australia to be aware of the visa requirements, documents, fees, and regulations when traveling to Turkey. The visa regulations are in constant change and it is therefore highly recommended to stay informed of any changes prior to the trip.

In summary 

Australian travelers wishing to visit Turkey should be mindful of the country’s visa requirements. Most travelers seek to obtain an e-Visa online prior to their visit, while others opt to apply through their nearest Turkish Embassy. In either case, travelers will first have to go through an extensive documentation process and are asked to submit a detailed travel schedule to prove that they intend to leave the country when their stay is finished.

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