Everybody is aware of what a logo is. company logos on shirts It is that tiny mark or sign that people make as a part of their company branding so that the general public can quickly recognise them. They take on a variety of shapes, including initials, symbols, pictures, sentences, and more.

company logos on shirts


Importance of Company logos on Shirts

How potent are logos really? The answer is “very,” of course. Do you immediately think of “Starbucks” when you see the white woman with a green circle background? Do you immediately think of “Apple” when you see the disturbing picture of an apple biting into it? Do you think “Nike” when you see a tick symbol? That is how incredible a logo is. One would be able to recognise the brand and understand what they have to offer with only a quick glance. That is what a logo can accomplish; it may increase brand recognition, which is crucial for a company.

But understanding that alone is insufficient. While generating, designing, displaying, and printing a logo, there are numerous factors to take into account. In this article, we’ll go through the best way to print company logos on shirts.

The first step to standing out from a crowded field of competitors, whether you’re establishing your online t-shirt business or intend to use it as a marketing tool, is to produce a distinctive design. In light of this, the following advice discusses key elements to take into account when creating your t-shirt designs:


  1. Take into account the edges of your design

Designs can have borders or be free-flowing, but even using stock graphics requires invisible edges to give the finished product a professional appearance. Whether or whether they are apparent to the eye, these boundaries serve to logically frame the design.

It makes sure the visual components are presented in a way that makes sense to the primary subject; otherwise, it would appear to be a disorganized mess. One of the foundational elements of great graphic design is framing, which aids in highlighting the focal point of your shirt.

  1. Simplicity has its own beauty

Keeping the design simple while printing company logos on shirts should be more effective than too complex graphical tees because the best designs are frequently those that can withstand trends and go well with other types.

Any additional unneeded features would just create clutter because the design should present a distinct and concentrated message. The secret to good design is simple, but it’s also less expensive to print and simpler to fix.


  1. Examine the colour and imprint of the shirt

Particularly when it comes to graphical tees, colour has a significant impact on how the design looks and feels overall. The colour scheme you select will impact your printing costs, but it can also have a big impact on the outcome.

For a more adaptable design, make sure to keep the shirt colour possibilities to a minimum. Make a cautious choice when selecting a hue because it can change the design’s meaning.


  1. Take into account the fabric kind

Many shirts have beautiful designs when they are brand-new off the rack, but when the fabric shrinks during washing, the design loses quality. Because of this, purchasing high-quality fabric is essential if you want the company logos on shirts remains the same and the shirts to endure longer.

Investigating your possibilities can help you create the best company logos on shirts that will appeal to your audience because different materials are suitable for various target markets.


  1. Select a good position

We’ve talked about where to strategically place your logo, whether it’s on the front, back, or somewhere else. The use of such typical locations for logo printing may appear commonplace to some, but not to others. In certain instances, companies have chosen to print their logos across unique features like zippers, overlapping buttons, seams, or pockets in an effort to be more distinctive and original.

Although on paper this could appear like a situation that requires creative problem-solving, it is not ideal from a printing standpoint. And the reason for such is that an even printing surface is impossible to achieve with all the material and detail overlap. The inconsistent thickness can destroy the logo and make it appear amateurish, wasting resources throughout the entire process.


  1. Think about the size

After deciding on your placement and material, it’s time to consider the size of company logos on shirts. People may be turned off by a size that is too large because it may appear that you are shoving your brand down their throats. On the other hand, a logo that is printed insufficiently large might go unnoticed. The key is locating that sweet spot. But the size also depends on where it is. So keep that in mind as well, whether it is in a corner or in the middle, whether it is more evident or a bit more concealed. Before you speak up, it would be fantastic to hear from a logo designer.

company logos on shirts


Wrapping Up

T-shirt design is one of the most adaptable marketing strategies you can use by printing the best company logos on shirts, but there are important things to take into account if you want to print the best design for your logos on shirts  Go over the list above before posting your design for bids so you can start out on the right foot.

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