As of 2019, Turkey has amended the visa system for citizens of China and Canada traveling to the country. This change will make Turkish visas much easier to obtain than ever before in certain cases.

Turkish visa from China and Canada

For Chinese citizens, the new rules make it possible for them to obtain three-month Turkish tourist visas online, without the TURKEY VISA FROM CHINA needed for an in-person application at the Turkish embassy or consulate. This is incredibly convenient for those who plan on visiting Turkey for tourism reasons and looking to do so at relatively short notice. 


The application process is relatively simple, and should a visa be granted, the Chinese visitor will be able to enter Turkey in a much shorter period of time than ever before.

The requirements for a Turkish visa

In the case of Canadian citizens, the change in visa terms means that citizens of Canada have the right to a free Short-Stay visa (maximum 90 days) provided certain requirements are met. 


This includes proving the traveler has valid travel documents, the funds to cover their expenses in Turkey, and proof of return or onward travel. While it’s not recommended to enter Turkey with just the Short-Stay visa, it could be a great option for those who find themselves with sudden travel plans to the country.

How to apply for a Turkish visa

Overall, the amendment to the Turkish visa system is a positive step for both Chinese visitors and Canadians TURKEY VISA FROM CANADA traveling to Turkey. The visa process is now much more streamlined and makes it easier for visitors to enjoy a trip to the country without much hassle or inconvenience. With tourist spots like the Hagia Sophia, Aspendos, and the Mediterranean coastline all ready to be explored, Turkey is an exciting destination for travelers of many nationalities – and one that is now easier to access than ever before.


A visa is a document issued by a particular country that grants a foreigner permission to stay in the country for a certain amount of time. Turkey is renowned for having a complex visa system due to their proximity to multiple countries, as well as their own unique culture. Individuals who wish to visit Turkey for any length of time must obtain a visa before traveling. China and Canada present unique circumstances when it comes to obtaining a visa for Turkey, as there are various rules and regulations that must be followed.

The process of getting a Turkish visa

For citizens of China, applying for a Turkish visa is relatively straightforward. Those who wish to visit Turkey for fewer than 90 days will need to obtain a Short Stay Visa, which must be done online through the Electronic Visa Application System (EVAS). Chinese citizens will need to present a valid Chinese passport with at least six months’ worth of remaining validity, as well as proof of round-trip flights and accommodations. Those who are staying for more than 90 days will need to obtain either a Residence Permit or Work Permit, depending on the length of stay and the purpose of the visit.


Meanwhile, citizens of Canada will need to obtain a Short Stay Visa for stays of fewer than 90 days, and a Residence Permit or Work Permit for longer visits. All applications must be done online through the EVAS. 

Tips for traveling to Turkey with a Turkish visa

Canadian citizens will also need to present a valid Canadian passport with at least six months’ worth of remaining validity, proof of round-trip flights and accommodations, as well as proof of financial solvency. In addition, Canada will require individuals to complete the Turkish Visa Requirement Questionnaire, which asks a few questions about the purpose of the stay, the destination, and other pertinent information.


It is important to note that citizens of both countries may be required to complete additional paperwork or provide additional documents at the discretion of the Turkish government. Additionally, it is also necessary for all applicants to have comprehensive travel insurance. Depending on the purpose of the trip, applicants may also need to obtain additional permits or licenses, such as business permits or media permits.

In conclusion 

acquiring a visa for Turkey from China or Canada requires a bit of additional paperwork than in some other countries. However, with the proper documents and insurance, it is a relatively straightforward process. Applying for a visa to Turkey from China or Canada takes time and effort, but the experience of visiting this amazing nation will undoubtedly be worth it in the end.


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