UAE from India: Many Indians live outside of India these days, so they often need to send money abroad. On special occasions, the relatives of the non-resident Indians want to send money to their relatives. Moreover, students pursuing higher education in foreign countries need financial assistance from their parents. In such cases, the parents need to find a professional money transfer agent for an international money transfer. IndusInd Bank is a leading service for money transfer from India to UAE.

So, why should you consider IndusInd Bank to send money abroad instead of the other brokers? In the following section, you can find some reasons.

A Trusted Bank That Renders Professional Service

Imagine sending money abroad for emergency financial assistance for a friend. In such cases, you should trust a reputed and professional broker. You can find many international money transfer services, though not all of them ensure a professional experience for their clients. IndusInd Bank will render you a seamless experience.

You can visit the IndusInd Bank’s branch and explore multiple options for international currency exchange for money transfer from India to UAE. The bank ensures that money transfer happens quickly and safely. You will get a receipt if you choose the wire transfer service. You can contact the bank if the money reaches the receiver’s account slowly.

Multiple Options for Money Transfer

IndusInd Bank offers multiple international money transfer options to their clients. For example, you have two prominent options for transferring money abroad. Firstly, you can choose the wire transfer, which ensures a quick and hassle-free money transfer. However, wire transfer is common for those who send money to a relative abroad once or twice a year.

The wire transfer service comes with a high transfer charge, and you need to look for cheaper alternatives if you want to send money frequently to someone living abroad. In such cases, you can choose the IndusInd Bank forex card, a multi-currency prepaid card. Find some features of the IndusInd forex card in the following section.

  • You can load forex prepaid card instantly from anywhere
  • Forex card users can withdraw money from ATM
  • Load money to the card when you get a low exchange rate
  • A low international currency exchange fee
  • You can use the card for online purchases

So, these are the best options for a seamless and hassle-free money transfer from India to UAE. You can contact IndusInd Bank to learn more about its products.

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