When it comes to combating ice and snow on your commercial property during winter, it can be a real challenge. However, you can lessen the struggle greatly if you stock the right products that can effectively cut through frozen surfaces.

While you can dump a large volume of rock salt on your lot – which is the route many businesses choose – it’s not always the most effective approach among ice melters.

There are several benefits of choosing packaged ice melting salt to keep your property safe for staff and customers. Here are some of the biggest reasons to look for quality ice-busters from a reputable ice melt supplier, in no particular order:

You Don’t Need a Lot Of It

While you can cover your entire property with traditional rock salt, it may get blown off the surface. With packaged products, you may only need a fraction of a cup of product per square meter to do the job. It will likely require considerably more road salt to achieve the same results.

With packaged ice melters, you can better target specific areas that need de-icing the most. The packages from ice melt manufacturers are easy to handle for easier spreading.

An experienced ice melter near me will advise you to use these packaged products on walkways, driveways and other surfaces used by the public. They will start to break up the ice immediately, some of them down to temperatures of -26C.

Ignoring icy conditions on your commercial property can lead to trouble. A client could slip and fall, leading to liability or negative word of mouth. A team member could wipe out, and reduce your productivity on top of any compensation.

More Than Just Sodium Chloride

Rock salt, comprised of sodium chloride, has been the traditional solution for ice removal. However, there are often other components in ice melting salt that can lower the effective temperature of the product to beyond what rock salt can handle.

For example, along with sodium, packaged ice melters have the added punch of calcium chloride and magnesium chloride, among others. These multi-chloride products will melt ice quicker than rock salt on its own, and will continue to be effective when rock salt gives up.

Gentler on the Environment

While rock salt has been the “go-to” icebreaker in the past, we now know it can cause environmental harm. More specifically, it can prevent plant roots from absorbing essential nutrients to thrive. This can be especially damaging if the salt is spread over agricultural land. It can also make wild animals sick through dehydration, and can affect fish and marine plants too.

That’s not to mention that sodium chloride buildup is corrosive. This means it can deteriorate your commercial concrete, as well as leading to premature rust on vehicles. If the salt is tracked inside, it can wreak havoc on carpeting and floors.

On the other hand, magnesium chloride that is often added to ice melting salt has been shown to be an effective soil fertilizer and conditioner.

Used according to the directions from the ice melt manufacturers, packaged ice melt is overall safer for flora and fauna.

It Is Easy to Stock, So You’re Ready

Unlike loose rock salt, packaged ice melting salt is easy to store before an ice storm hits. You can have this product on hand so you’re ready for the next big blast of winter weather, and only use what is needed without guessing.

What’s more is that having quality product from an ice melt supplier ahead of time means you can get ahead of a big freeze. This means you can apply it to essential surfaces (such as customer walkways) to prevent ice from forming in the first place. Ice melters are generally effective for longer periods of time than standard rock salt.

It’s an Affordable Choice

Because ice melting salt is easy to spread and goes to work quickly in icy surfaces, it’s quite economical. It’s easy to target specific areas, and you won’t need specific equipment to lay it down.

You also likely won’t need to reapply ice melters as much as rock salt, and it works for longer periods of time – and at lower temperatures. Stocking up before the winter season has its advantages!

Choose Ice Melters This Winter Season

To recap, here are some of the best reasons to turn to an ice melt supplier:

  • You will likely need less ice melting salt than rock salt, as it can more easily be applied, and you won’t need to re-apply it as often
  • Packaged ice melts often blends in calcium or magnesium chloride (or both), which are effective ice melts that won’t be as corrosive to surfaces
  • Ice melters are typically safer for wildlife and plants (rock salt can make animals ill, while also impeding organic growth on land and in water)
  • Ice melting salts are relatively economical, and available from reputable ice melt manufacturers
  • It melts ice fast, meaning more safety for your customers and staff using commercial walkways and parking lots
  • You can apply them prior to a winter storm to help prevent ice from forming

As you can see, there are many benefits of using ice melters as a way to control winter accumulation on your commercial, agricultural, or industrial property. Learn how to find an ideal ice melter near me from Innovative Surface Solutions.

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