Pac-Man is an iconic gaming franchise and character. With its straightforward gameplay loop and child-friendly character designs, it is a franchise that can be enjoyed by anyone. Pac-Man is comparable to Mario in that he has explored numerous gaming environments. Many, though, prefer returning to Pac-maze-chasing Man’s routes.

If you have completed Pac-Man and are looking for alternatives, do not fret! With our top eight recommendations, we have spared you the trouble of scouring the archives.

Obviously, we’ve also included a link for each and every game we’ve reviewed, so you can read our full analysis and determine if it’s something you want to invest your time in.

What’s Yours Is Mine in Monaco?

Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine is a heist game in which you organize a team of thieves to execute a spectacular theft. This game supports local and internet cooperative play, although it can also be played solo. This is a game in which you will play several roles.

In addition to conducting heists, there are missions in which you must rescue individuals or just leave a situation. Multiple characters with distinct strengths and weaknesses populate this game. The game’s OST is a joy to listen to and increases your adrenaline.

That’s not all it has to offer. This game has a workshop option that allows you to edit your own levels. This increases the replay value of the game and entices players to create their own levels. Similar to Pac-Man, this game’s visuals are pixelated and cartoonish. Despite its child-friendly veneer, the game is packed with drama, plot twists, and extensive foreshadowing.

SuperHotline Miami Deluxe

SuperHotline Miami Deluxe is a computer-playable top-down shooter game. You control the game’s blue protagonist, who must change his environment by shooting adversaries and dodging gunfire. When you defeat an enemy, you have access to a gun upgrade that impacts your foe’s speed.
This game’s complexity fluctuates. Its most tough difficulty delivers a challenge and is intended for those with superior cognitive abilities. This game features seven increasingly hard stages. Its mechanics are superior, and its gameplay is highly addictive.

Even though the game lacks stunning looks, its gameplay will certainly persuade you to continue playing.

Forget Me Not

This action game for one or two players combines roguelike visuals with Pac-classic Man’s maze-based gameplay. In it, players must travel an endless stream of stages resembling Pac-mazes. Man’s While bullets can be used to attack adversaries, they can also be reflected back at the player.

This is why the objective of each level is to obtain a single key that can prevent these shots. Each level contains multiple flowers that function similarly to Pac-pellets. Man’s After collecting all of the flowers, a portal to the level’s exit will appear. If the player remains too long on a level, a big, menacing ghost will materialize on the screen.

The adversaries’ size and abilities vary. Defeating specific foes can result in huge explosions that alter the level geometry of numerous maps. The enemies can deal damage to one another. When defeated, they leave behind mounds of fruit, of which gathering 100 pieces gets you an additional life. The game also contains a multitude of various gameplay styles.

Check out Forget Me Not if you’re seeking for a Pac-Man clone that will make you think.


This squirrel-themed ninja game is yet another good Pac-Man clone. As the protagonist squirrel, you must navigate through many stages and collect acorns. Each level is infested with nasty ninjas that are actively searching for you.

If you’re concerned about the vulnerability of your character, have no fear! This game presents you with a variety of ninja-themed weapons, such as smoke bombs and flame cloaks, to defeat your foes. As you acquire experience, you will have access to further levels.

This game has fifteen maps, five difficulty levels, and twenty-five rankings. This game features a decent 3D visual along with engaging game mechanics and excellent sound design. While it may feel like a rip-off of Pac-Man, this game has certain elements that set it apart.

Lode Runner Legacy

Lode Runner Legacy is a recreation of the popular 2D action-puzzle hybrid game created by Doug Smith. This game includes stunning 3D graphics and a gameplay experience that matches its aesthetic excellence. This game’s objective is comparable to Pac- Man’s.

To escape, you must navigate through single-screen levels and gather the loot they give. You can dig through the game’s blocks, but you can only remove the blocks in the bottom-left and bottom-right corners of the screen. This puts strain on the player, as it is possible to become imprisoned and restart the game as a result.

In this game, gamers must fear more than that. Each level contains several opponents with the intent to kill you. You are either relentlessly pursued or behave in predictable ways, so it might be pleasant to outsmart them. You cannot physically harm them, but you can trap them in holes and utilize them as stepping stones. Think of games like Dig Dug.

While the game has several positive qualities, it also has a few flaws. Thematically, the stages can feel a bit monotonous, and the game’s retro-themed mechanics can irritate inexperienced players. If you can look past these flaws, this faithful rendition is entertaining.

Wizard of Wor

Wizard of Wor is another maze- and creature-based arcade game. This game permits participation from up to two individuals. The objective is to eliminate every monster in the maze. The first player controls yellow characters while the second player controls blue characters.

This game contains numerous enemies for you and a companion to defeat. They differ in terms of power, ability, and death animation. This game’s ultimate boss has the same name as the game itself. It will assault and taunt your troops using magical abilities.

This game is highly competitive and will maintain your interest. Check out Wizard of Wor if you’re searching for a fun co-op arcade game with a realistic life system and competitive gameplay.

Ms. Pac-Man

Ms. Pac-Man is identical to Pac-Man in every respect. This game has the same villains, fruits, and power pellets as the original Pac-Man. It also features identical gameplay. Ms. Pac-Man is distinct from Namco’s yellow hero in various ways.

For example, the game features four mazes with distinct color schemes and characteristics. In comparison to Pac-one Man’s warp tunnel, the first, second, and fourth mazes have two sets of warp tunnels. Each of Ms. Pac-phantom Man’s opponents operates differently.

This prevents predictability and adds difficulty to the game. The fruits in this game are more active than those in Pac-Man. In Ms. Pac-Man, the fruits bounce around and sometimes disappear through warp tunnels. Ms. Pac-death Man’s animation is more elaborate than Pac- Man’s, as she spins and explodes.

The intermission sequences illustrate the developing connection between Ms. Pac-Man and the original Pac-Man. This provides the title with visual narrative elements that are appreciated by many. I would recommend giving Ms. Pac-Man a try if you’ve never played it before. PacMan has many versions, how many have you discovered? You can also play more Pacman 30th Anniversary.

Pix the Cat

Imagine taking the popular video game Snake and combining it with Pac-Man to create Pix the Cat. This game successfully combines both themes. In this game, you must guide a robotic cat through a Pac-Man-style maze in order to collect eggs.

You must evade enemy attacks and deliver the eggs to their intended recipients. The difficulty of the game grows as you continue. This is a game where there is no option to stop your movement across the grid.

This requires the player to maintain concentration while they continue delivering eggs and evading adversaries. This game features multiple modes that emphasize either entertainment or puzzle-solving. This is a pick-up-and-play game that lasts approximately five minutes per match. Check out Pix the Cat if you’re searching for a game that can get your heart beating like Pac-Man.

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